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DSiWare and Wii Ware game, Eternity Child, out on iOS devices in December

1774d ago - Indie developer, Luc Bernard, has dated the iPhone and iPad release of the PC title, Eternity Chi... | iPhone

Nintendojo: Luc Bernard Interview

2229d ago - Joining Nintendojo for a few minutes, is Luc Bernard, creator of Eternity's Child on PC and the r... | 3

Top 5 Movies To See This Month

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The Best and Worst of Steam

2607d ago - Steam has proved itself to be the premier digital distribution for PC and has been littered with... | 11,12

Gamasutra Interview: Luc Bernard On The Eternity's Child Controversy

2608d ago - Luc Bernard, artist and designer behind indie platformer Eternity's Child, recently made waves wh... | 3,12,15

Luc Bernard; victim or raving idiot?

2609d ago - What has now become known as simply Bernard Gate will go down as an infamous moment in the minds... | 3,11

Lessons From the Fall of Luc Bernard

2609d ago - Luc Bernard is bound to be remembered. After Destructiod published a highly critical review of Et... | 3,6,12

Want to try out the Eternity's Child demo?

2610d ago - Luc Bernard, the author of Eternity's Child, writes on his blog that the PC demo of the game is n... | 12

Kotaku Reviews: Eternity's Child

2621d ago - Mike Fahey writes: From the moment I first laid eyes on Eternity's Child I was expecting som... | 3,12

Destructoid Review: Eternity's Child (1/10)

2625d ago - Destructiod writes: "I really, really hate doing header text for reviews, and Eternity's Chi... | 3

Eternity's Child - No Plans For A North American Release On WiiWare

2661d ago - After yesterday's shock news regarding the distribution of World of Goo, we've been informed by L... | 3

WiiWare World: Hands-On With Eternity's Child

2678d ago - WiiWare World writes: "Eternity's Child has traveled a long and troubled road to get to wher... | 3

Q&A: Luc Bernard Talks Eternity's Child

2678d ago - N-Europe has been closely following developments on Eternity's Child since its revelation for the... | 3

Luc Bernard Talks Eternity's Child, Rose Princess and Uwe Boll

2679d ago - Luc Bernard's Eternity's Child has been on the WiiWare radar for some time now thanks to its gorg... | 3

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide at CheatCC - Wii Downloadable Games

2725d ago - Can't Wait for WiiWare? CheatCC have got the inside scoop on many of the launch titles for the ne... | 3

Interview: Luc Bernard On Indies and Wiiware

2733d ago - With the upcoming launch of WiiWare in North America and Europe, the floodgates have been opened... | 3,5,11

Eternity Child, a new gameplay video

2753d ago - Luc Bernard added a new Eternity Child's video under development on Nintendo Wii's Wiiware. A fan... | 3

Eternity's Child & 'Holocaust DS' Details

2762d ago - Radio Ninty recently sat down with Luc Bernard, the developer behind the upcoming WiiWare title E... | 3,5

Eternity's Child first gameplay footage

2769d ago - Fresh from Luc Bernard's Destructoid blog, here is the first footage from his WiiWare exclusive,... | 3

WiiWare: Eternity's Child Q&A - CVG

2772d ago - Luc Bernard is a curious oddity in gaming. Aiming to push the boundaries of story and art directi... | 3,5

Eternity's Child Gameplay Explained

2775d ago - Luc Bernard is back with gameplay details for his upcoming WiiWare title Eternity's Child, includ... | 3

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Inside the Mind of Luc Bernard - Eternity's Child Interview

2784d ago - VC Reviews writes: "Eternity's Child is the product of the wild and wacky mind of French art... | 3

Luc Bernard gives Dtoid a gift: Eternity's Child's screens/soundtrack

2790d ago - Destructoid's Colette Bennett writes: "My support for indie developers is no secret to... | 3

Pre GDC: Destructoid Interview: Eternity's Child's Luc Bernard and Sean Beeson

2791d ago - Luc Bernard is a 21 year old graphic designer and game developer on the cusp of making his big sp... | 29,2,3,11

Q&A: Luc Bernard, Eternity's Child

2808d ago - Q&A: Luc Bernard, Eternity's Child | 3,5

2D Platformer Eternity's Child Jumps from Live Arcade to Wii, Grabs Retail Publishing Deal

2952d ago - Last year, UK-based Frenchman Luc Bernard revealed Eternity's Child, an old-school whimsical plat... | 3

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