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An Open Letter to Jack Thompson

1794d ago ... Dear Mr. Thompson, I am Andrew Delorme, a 22 year old gamer, a gamer before the ESRB and other game rating systems. I found your recent comments a bit childish for a man of your stature. In this open letter I would like you to know a bit about me, and a bit of the gamer community. When I was a child, I would play some of the most violent games of that era, Doom, Shadow Warrior, Duke Nuke...

Ending ESRB Bias by Lifting the Ban of AO Titles

2153d ago ... The ESRB was once a guideline for parents to find games suitable for their children, but now they just seem to use their powers for censorship.

Does ESRB have too much power?

2267d ago ... A rant about how the ESRB has too much power.
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