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Cursed Loot Developer Shows Off Cursed Cosmos Gameplay

1114d ago - DIYGamer: "Eyehook Games had one of the better sleeper hits in recent memory with its XBLIG rogue... | Xbox 360

HonestGamers Indie Review // Epic Dungeon

1397d ago - Gary Hartley Writes: Epic Dungeon does itself credit by showcasing the best elements from years... | Xbox 360

That Gamer Hub: Epic Dungeon | Review (XBLA)

1432d ago - "Epic Dungeon from Eyehook promised a dungeon crawler with all the right additions for just 80 Mi... | Xbox 360

Epic Dungeon Moves Over 11,000 Copies in December, Dev Talks Uprising

1485d ago - DIYGamer: "As the Indie Games Winter Uprising promotion has unfolded for the XBLIG channel over t... | Xbox 360

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Xbox Live Indie Games 2010 (Gamergeddon)

1488d ago - Gamergeddon takes a look at some of the best Xbox Indie Game releases over 2010. There were hundr... | Xbox 360

Indie Games Winter Uprising Spotlight on Xbox Dashboard

1491d ago - IndieGames.com: "How's this for a complete turn-around - just two months ago, Microsoft had dumpe... | Xbox 360

Epic Dungeon Getting New Content, Sequel Could Carry Multiplayer

1493d ago - Michael Muir has posted some thoughts on bringing in new changes and additions to his hit Xbox Li... | Xbox 360

Indie Uprising Review: Epic Dungeon (Crush! Frag! Destroy!)

1501d ago - CFD!'s Rob Rich straps on his leather armor and hefts his sword for the first of the Xbox Live In... | Xbox 360

Xbox 360 Game of the Year (Strategy Informer)

1503d ago - Strategy Informer: "Here at Strategy Informer, we locked ourselves away in the underground bunker... | Xbox 360

The Tech-Gaming Podcast 5-4: Mouth Breathing on Tha Mic

1510d ago - Harmony is in the air as age-old rivals DesertEagle and SeanNOLA diplomatically discuss their imp... | Nintendo DS

Neocrisis: Epic Dungeon Review

1510d ago - Neocrisis: Epic Dungeon is a Xbox 360 indie game… of awesomeness. This game is extremely addictin... | Xbox 360

Digitalhippos.com: Epic Dungeon Review

1511d ago - Check out the first title to be released for Winter Uprising. | Xbox 360

GameCritics: Epic Dungeon Review

1511d ago - GameCritics writes: "Absurdly affordable pricetag aside, the kind of intelligent synergy on displ... | Xbox 360

Review: Epic Dungeon -- Usually Fun, Always Addicting [Gaming Dead]

1511d ago - Gaming Dead: "Lately I’ve found myself buried neck high in some interesting indies — thanks in pa... | Xbox 360

A Strong Start to the Winter Uprising!

1511d ago - Most gamers I know -- including me -- don’t invest a lot of time looking into the list of indepen... | Xbox 360

RPGamer: Epic Dungeon Review

1512d ago - RPGamer writes: "Epic Dungeon is a fast and furious experience, with hilarious and top-notch writ... | Xbox 360

Pnosker.com: Epic Dungeon Review

1513d ago - Pnosker.com takes a look at Epic Dungeon, Eyehook Game's rougelike released as part of the Indie... | Xbox 360

GDN: Epic Dungeon Review

1514d ago - Roguelikes date back to the 1980s, and while they have become something of a niche genre today th... | Xbox 360

It's the Winter of Our (Independent) Discontent

1516d ago - While the most cynical of gamer would like you to focus on the trend that new downloadable games... | Xbox 360

Indie Games Winter Uprising Impressions: Epic Dungeon

1517d ago - In all respects, this is the kind of game you skip over on the Xbox Live Indie Games service, as... | Xbox 360

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

DIYGamer: Decidedly Epic... Epic Dungeon [Review]

1517d ago - Epic Dungeon is a simplistic roguelike that hearkens back to the old NES-era video games in style... | Xbox 360

Interview with Epic Dungeon Interview

1518d ago - With Epic Dungeon kicking of the Indie Games Winter Uprising this week XBLA Ratings has the creat... | Xbox 360

The Uprising Begins with Epic Dungeon

1518d ago - Eyehook Games has released the first of the Winter Uprising Indie titles, Epic Dungeon! Immediate... | Xbox 360

Neocrisis: Epic Dungeon - Interview Part 1

1519d ago - Neocrisis: We had the pleasure of getting a few questions answered by Mike Muir, founder of Eyeho... | Xbox 360

Neocrisis: Epic Dungeon - Interview Part 2

1519d ago - Neocrisis: We continue to get a few questions answered by answered by Mike Muir, founder of Eyeho... | Xbox 360
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