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The ongoing list of third party ports and their flaws:

562d ago ... Note: This list will be ongoing and will include games outside the Wii U, so if I miss any, feel free to contribute. It's time this parties were shown where they went wrong, where common sense in development failed to enter into their plans for some ports, and to silence apologists who use their console preferences to defend the flawed ports. So a bunch of people (read: apologists) have tak...

Let's Read: A Discussion About Let's Plays, Let's Players, And FUD

790d ago ... Unless you've been living under the sea, you've no doubt been exposed to the YouTube vs. Let's Players battle that's been raging on for at least a week officially but definitely longer unofficially. If you don't know what's going on, then here's an abridged version of what's been going on. YouTube has begun implementing a new content ID program and in January they will implement a new video...

Gaming Media, Why u no Want Vita to Succeed?

1498d ago ... Ever heard the saying “if you throw enough s**t, some sticks”? It basically means if you manage to get a lie repeated en masse then eventually some people are going to believe it. The practice of ‘professional’ trolling for hits has become a problem, no not just an annoyance anymore, a full blown problem. You see, it’s become in a gaming sites’ best interest to post negative articles for the...
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