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User Review : Elite Beat Agents

  • A really fun game to play in your spare time{Pretty good music
  • Only 19 tracks

Not a bad game

It was really amazing to me when I started playing Elite Beat Agents. I was really surprised at how fun a rhythm game on the DS that all you do is tap the screen to the music could actually be really fun. This game doesn't have a whole lot of songs, but the ones it has could keep you playing it for a while. The game has some pretty catchy tunes although some of the songs I have never heard of.

When this game came out it was a game that everyone would just see it and keep walking. I remember that I wasn’t really interested in it. The only reason that I decided to buy it was because it was on sale for about 10 bucks so I decided to give it a try. The first thing I noticed about the game that I had not noticed before was that it was published by Nintendo. So that got me thinking that it was going to be okay. When I started playing I was really entertained with it and I have played it for a couple of hours now. There are couple of songs that I really enjoyed listening to that I hadn't heard in a while like the song that Napoleon Dynamite dances to.

There are a couple of things that are bad about this game. First of all in the game while you're playing and keeping track of what beat to hit next, there are little characters moving and doing something while you are playing and if you try to see it there is a good chance that you will miss one or two beats. Another thing that disappointed me was that there are only 19 tracks in the game. Other than that, the game is really good.

So all in all this game really isn’t that bad it is actually really good. This was decently worth the 10 bucks that I payed for, even if it cost 20 or 30 I might have still bought it. There are many games like this that don’t make it to these shores because there aren’t a whole lot of people who like rhythm games a lot in America, so if you like these types of games you should get it so more can come. So if you're a fan of rhythm games or just looking for a good game on the DS, you should give Elite Beat Agents a try.

The game plays really good considering the fact that it is a rhythm game on the DS.
The game doesn't really take the DS's graphics to its full potential.
The music in this game is pretty good.
Fun Factor
The game is pretty fun to play in your spare time.
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