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4 Games That Deserved Better Last Gen

133d ago - It happens every generation; despite great reviews and solid word of mouth, there is always a sma... | Wii

Cult Classics – El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

566d ago - Game Informer - El Shaddai is trippy. As Andrew Reiner wrote in his review about the 2011 release... | Xbox 360

Overlooked Gaming Gems of this Generation

638d ago - Hands down this generation had some of the best games in several generations. Looking back, gamer... | PC

Religion in Games: Should Anything be Taboo?

735d ago - Leading up to Christmas, the Daily Reaction duo of Seb and Dan take the latest addition to the Tw... | PC

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Top 8 Games That Should Be Made Into Movies

750d ago - From Darksiders and Saints Row: The Third to Alan Wake, El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron, an... | Culture

Game Analysis: El Shaddai

771d ago - "El Shaddai is one of those gems that are hidden beneath a lot of flaws and technicalities. As a... | Xbox 360

Scratching That Japanese Itch

832d ago - Sometimes you've just got an itch, and only one thing can scratch it. In this case it's Japanese... | Culture

ZTGD | Drew's Favorite Game Soundtracks

952d ago - I’m a firm believer that music really does make or break a game. You can have an amazing game, bu... | PS2

Critical Reflection: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron - RobotGeek

957d ago - It has become cliché by this point to define our current generation of gaming systems as one preo... | Xbox 360

Top 5 Underrated Games of 2011

1067d ago - Invigilator - We all have games we love and hate, though some hate more than others. There are a... | PC

Top 11 Games You May Have Missed in 2011

1079d ago - Many great games (and some not so great) have appeared across all the systems this year, some lau... | PC

VentureBeat: The top 5 sleeper hits of 2011

1084d ago - VentureBeat's Nick Akerman writes about the top games that went unnoticed in 2011 | PC

5 Games That Broke the Mold in 2011

1084d ago - Since 2011 has all but officially wound to a close, its time again to reveal Suddenbrain’s top 5... | PC

eGamer Awards 2011: Best Graphics

1102d ago - eGamer checks out the best-looking games of 2011, and determines which of them stands above the r... | PC

eGamer Awards 2011: Best New IP

1103d ago - eGamer takes a look at the top new IPs of 2011, and determines which one made the best use of its... | PC

The 20 Best Videogames of 2011 - Paste Magazine

1104d ago - It almost got violent, but finally the debate is over. Paste Magazine and its platoon of game rev... | PC

eGamer Awards 2011: Best Platformer

1107d ago - eGamer selects its top platformers for 2011 and determines which one was the best of them all. | PC

Video Games & The Blockbuster Mentality

1123d ago - What makes for a great game in this day and age? Is it explosions? Half-Baked characters and st... | Tech

For the Love of the Games: Three Reasons you Should Play El Shaddai

1165d ago - For the Love of the Games is a new column in which I tell you why you should play an overlooked,... | Xbox 360

Living in a digital portaloo: Are games art?

1184d ago - Console Domination writes: Four years ago I was sitting in a lecture theatre when I heard the que... | PC

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El Shaddai: Embracing the Abstract

1190d ago - gametaroo! writes: Steered by the relentless march of technology and audience demands for bigg... | PC

Digital Foundry: Face-Off: El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

1192d ago - Following on from his work on the Wii version of Okami, former Clover Studio art director Takeyas... | Xbox 360

The Making of El Shaddai - Article

1195d ago - El Shaddai is a wonderful thing. It's brimming over with hyperactive creativity, as stylistically... | Dev

The 10 Most Useless Women in Video Game History

1200d ago - All misogyny aside, games don't portray women all that well do they? For every FemShep or Chun-li... | PS2

Why El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron is the Most Memorable Game of the Year

1203d ago - Garrett Martin of Joystick Division praises El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron for its unforge... | Xbox 360
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El Shaddai: Ascension of the Metatron

Average Score 7.4 Reviews(87)
Release Dates
Android Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
AU Q2 2011
JP 28 April 2011
US 26 July 2011
EU 09 September 2011
Xbox 360 Release Dates
AU Q2 2011
JP 28 April 2011
EU 07 September 2011
US 26 July 2011