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Deus Ex HR gives hope to gamers everywhere

1626d ago ... The new Deus Ex game is great. What makes it so great? It's great because it has the balls to do something that most games these days don't: stick to its roots. Sure, there are minor changes here and there, but Deus Ex is a game that recognizes it came from somewhere. The developers didn't act like they were geniuses from heaven here to bestow upon us their vision. No, they knew that there were...

Football Manager 11 might be the best FM game ever

1778d ago ... Since their departure with Eidos, SI Games` football manager games were always on top of Eidos` Championship manager series. They have made several improvements to the series but the most significant one was the 3-D match engine in 2009. In 2 years, 3-D match engine has matured as the game itself. FM 11 is the best football manager game ( after Sports Interactive`s departure ) ever released....

What happened to Tomb Raider?

2090d ago ... Back in 1996, I was presented with a revolutionary game. A game designed by a team called Core Design based in Derby. Then their gargantuan story began at that very moment... Tomb Raider 1 exploded onto the PC and consoles and the main protagonist of the game Lara Croft, became a mascot. Some of us may remember the brand name, Larazade? Yes, Tomb Raider 1 really did spice up the gaming indus...

Adios Jeff

2990d ago ... This isn't a publicity gimmick, everybody has dissected Gamespot and Eidos to bits and pieces, but what about Jeff Gerstmann himself. Does he not deserve a proper adieu? , Does he not deserve one last post on Gamespot remembering the time he devoted to the site and his memories.
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