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Earthbound Reviews  

Earthbound Review | Leviathyn

513d ago - A review of the classic Super NES RPG Earthbound, available for the Wii U's Virtual Console. It's... | Wii U

Retro Review: Earthbound | Fate of the Game

584d ago - Earthbound overcomes its significant issues by being the funniest RPG of its time. More significa... | Wii

Grim Dawn

Now - The cave was infested with the walking dead. Zombies controlled by the Aetherials. I summon my raven and hellhound and they wade into battle. | Promoted post

EarthBound review [Nintendo Insider]

633d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: Awakened by a meteorite that conveniently collides with a nearby hill... | Wii U

Earthbound Review | ONM

650d ago - For close to 20 years EarthBound has remained a distant curio to European videogame players. Laun... | Wii U

Earthbound Review | Gaming Nexus

654d ago - The Earthbound series is probably the one real anomaly in the stable of Nintendo franchises. The... | Wii U

Ginx- Earthbound Review

658d ago - Ginx:Earthbound is an absolute classic that anyone with an interest in JRPGs, Super N.E.S. games,... | Wii U

Review: EarthBound returns to prove why it's one of the greatest RPGs of all time - GameZone

662d ago - GameZone: "There's a reason so many people are in love with EarthBound. Sure, you could chalk it... | Wii U

Earthbound Review | Worthplaying

679d ago - There are few games with as dedicated a fan base as Earthbound. At first glance, it may be diffic... | Wii U

Earthbound (SNES/Wii U eShop Review) | Nintendo Feed

689d ago - "Earthbound is proof that a video game can weather the test of time through its interminable char... | Wii U

Review: 'Earthbound' shows that you can return home | Examiner

703d ago - XMNR: Earthbound for the Wii U is a nearly 20-year old re-release of a SNES JRPG that features si... | Wii U

Review: Earthbound (Wii U) | Digitally Downloaded

705d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "I had never had the opportunity to play Earthbound before. That's n... | Wii U

Meristation- Earthbound Review

709d ago - MS:Earthbound is one of the great Japanese RPGs of the Super Nintendo era, and taking into accoun... | Wii U

EarthBound Review | IGN

709d ago - IGN: "EarthBound has aged well, and remains one of the most innovative and unique JRPG experience... | Wii U

EarthBound Review | CheatCC

710d ago - CCC says: "EarthBound, called Mother 2 in Japan, is the second title in a trilogy that nearly did... | Wii U

Earthbound (Wii U Virtual Console) Review - Nintendo Life

715d ago - Corbie Dillard writes: Earthbound succeeds at not only being one of the most unique and refres... | Wii U

HonestGamers Retrospective Review // Earthbound

915d ago - Rob Hamilton writes: "At seemingly random moments, a man will descend from the sky to take a phot... | Retro

[Mansbros] Retro Review: Earthbound

1088d ago - The Super Nintendo is home to a lot of classic RPG’s. Some of my favorites were Super Mario RPG,... | Retro

Gaming Bus: Then and Now: EarthBound

1121d ago - Gaming Bus takes a look at Earthbound, originally released for the SNES, and sees how it stands u... | Retro

Back From The Future: EarthBound

1418d ago - Nerd Vice's McBeeferton tackles the classic RPG for the very first time and gives his perspective... | Retro

EarthBound Retro Review

1523d ago - Lens of Truth writes - "In this retro, we take a look at one of the most loved RPG’s of all time,... | Wii

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