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10 Wii U Games You Should Play

213d ago - Did somebody just give you a Wii U? Are you wondering what to do with it? Paste runs down ten Wii... | Wii U

The Best Dream Sequences in Games

218d ago - How Mario, Metal Gear, and GTA all use dreams in strange and interesting ways. | Culture

Nintendo’s Missed Virtual Console Opportunities

221d ago - Nintendo has one of video games’ most impressive backlogs, but it is missing a lot of golden oppo... | Wii U

Spread the Word: Gaming's Curious Silence on Spirituality

234d ago - A strange condition of video games is their virtual lack of spirituality. Games rarely depict fai... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

Now - DeVry University, is an accredited* university offering you the flexibility of over 90 locations, online courses and a wide variety of bachelor's a... | Promoted post

Retro Review: Earthbound | Fate of the Game

241d ago - Earthbound overcomes its significant issues by being the funniest RPG of its time. More significa... | Wii

Flashback Friday: The Top Ten Super Nintendo RPGs

245d ago - The SNES saw countless great releases across virtually every genre. From platformers to racing an... | Retro

Top 10 Silent Protagonists in Video Games

247d ago - 8CN: The 8th Circuit Network lists off the top 10 silent protagonists in video games. | PC

Top 10 Greatest Wacky Enemies in Earthbound (SNES)

270d ago - Andrew N from Negative World writes: "I recently had the joy of playing through the classic Super... | Culture

EarthBound review [Nintendo Insider]

289d ago - Nintendo Insider writes: Awakened by a meteorite that conveniently collides with a nearby hill... | Wii U

Earthbound Review | ONM

307d ago - For close to 20 years EarthBound has remained a distant curio to European videogame players. Laun... | Wii U

Earthbound Review | Gaming Nexus

311d ago - The Earthbound series is probably the one real anomaly in the stable of Nintendo franchises. The... | Wii U

Boss Fight Books Explores the Cultural Significance of EarthBound and Others

314d ago - GameSpot - Publisher Boss Fight Books is releasing a series of books each dedicated to an individ... | Culture

Ginx- Earthbound Review

315d ago - Ginx:Earthbound is an absolute classic that anyone with an interest in JRPGs, Super N.E.S. games,... | Wii U

Review: EarthBound returns to prove why it's one of the greatest RPGs of all time - GameZone

319d ago - GameZone: "There's a reason so many people are in love with EarthBound. Sure, you could chalk it... | Wii U

Zack's Top 10 RPGs of All Time

325d ago - Looking back, there are so many of these games that Zack can attribute so much to and adored. A l... | Xbox

Game of the Day: Earthbound | The Sandbox

330d ago - The Laymen's Gamer goes back to Earthbound to share its quirkiness and fun gameplay: " If you hav... | Retro

Game Under Episode 20

333d ago - It's time for another big show; over 4 hours of content! Phil Fogg gushes about Papers, Please; T... | PS2

The Man Who Wrote Earthbound

335d ago - Kotaku - A few weeks ago, Marcus Lindblom logged onto TwitchTV. He found someone playing Earthbou... | Wii U

Earthbound Review | Worthplaying

336d ago - There are few games with as dedicated a fan base as Earthbound. At first glance, it may be diffic... | Wii U

Take a trip down memory lane with these EarthBound 64 screenshots

339d ago - nintendoeverything: With a 2000 EarthBound 64 cancellation interview having just been publishe... | Retro

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5 Things Modern RPGs Can Learn from EarthBound

340d ago - GamesRadar - When EarthBound came out in 1994, Nintendo's cult RPG assembled a decade's worth of... | Wii U

Official Earthbound 64 Cancellation Interview

340d ago - yomuka: The following article is a three-way discussion between Shigesato Itoi, Shigeru Miyamo... | Retro

Revisiting EarthBound: Ahead Of (And A Product Of) Its Time

343d ago - Game Informer - Like many Wii U owners, I have recently spent a lot of time in the world of Earth... | Retro

Earthbound (SNES/Wii U eShop Review) | Nintendo Feed

345d ago - "Earthbound is proof that a video game can weather the test of time through its interminable char... | Wii U

Ranking RPG Franchises By Their Musical Scores

346d ago - In a genre where great music is often the industry standard, picking the standout titles is no sm... | Culture


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