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Sonic Boom: Rise of Lyric E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

27d ago - GameDynamo - "SEGA's Sonic Boom is going in a bold direction for the well-known video game franch... | Wii U

Alien Isolation E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

27d ago - GameDynamo - "Alien Isolation's floor demo really lived up to its name: there was an Alien, I was... | PC

GamerTell E3 2014 Preview: I Hunted Bugs in Flyhunter Origins

27d ago - From the preview, "Flyhunter Origins is a platformer at its core, and [Jenni Lada] hoped to exper... | iPhone

Batman: Arkham Knight | Hands-On | Start Replay

28d ago - With Arkham Knight marking Rocksteady's final venture into Batman in video games, how does it pla... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

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GamerTell E3 2014 Preview: Armored Warfare Venturing onto a New Path

29d ago - From the preview, "The demo I played at this year’s E3 was showcasing a brand new PVE mode. Despi... | PC

Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel - Preview | GamingLives

29d ago - GamingLives takes a look at 2K Australia's upcoming moon-based RPG-em-up, Borderlands: The Pre-Se... | PC

PS Nation E3 2014 Impressions: 'Mortal Kombat X'

29d ago - The legendary Ed Boon himself gave us a first look at Mortal Kombat X. | Xbox 360

GamerTell E3 2014 Preview: Journeying through Elympios in Tales of Xillia 2

29d ago - From the preview, "Sequels in the Tales series aren’t exactly commonplace. Tales of Symphonia was... | PS3

E3 2014 coverage: Nosgoth | GeekNifty

29d ago - How different is this new title from its predecessors? Quite a lot. | PC

GamerTell E3 2014 Preview: I Couldn’t Walk Away from Long Take

29d ago - From the preview, "[Jenni Lada] wanted to walk away from Long Take. Which is a horrible feelin... | PC

Hyrule Warriors Hands-On Preview | Gamereactor UK

30d ago - GR-UK writes: "Hyrule's fields are rippling with Moblins and Hyrule soldiers and Goron warriors,... | Wii U

E3 2014 - Impressions of 'Bloodborne' (PS4) From Behind Closed Doors | PS Nation

30d ago - PS Nation reports on a behind closed-doors session with ‘Bloodborne’ coming in 2015, developed by... | PS4

GamerTell E3 2014 Preview: My Sonic Boom Demo was Broken

30d ago - From the preview, "When games come to E3 2014, they aren’t always ready for the show. It’s not un... | Wii U

Pixelitis E3 2014 Preview: EarthNight – Canceling the dragon-pocalypse

31d ago - "After playing Philadelphia-based indie developer Cleaversoft’s EarthNight at E3 2014, I’ve come... | PC

Recent big changes in World of Warships will make the game more accessible [SideQuesting Preview]

31d ago - Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes: "The changes that Wargaming has employed in Warships loo... | PC

Pixelitis E3 2014 Preview: LittleBigPlanet 3

31d ago - "Was anyone else taken aback by how nonchalantly LittleBigPlanet 3 was revealed at Sony’s E3 pres... | PS3

Far Cry 4 Preview | PSX Extreme

32d ago - This could be a visual tour de force for the holiday season, and there’s nothin’ wrong with that. | PC

Hands-on with Evolve's monsters and heroes [SideQuesting Preview]

32d ago - Binh Nguyen of SideQuesting writes: "Even in crushing losses, Evolve seems to capture the inte... | PC

Hand-waving with Disney Fantasia: Music Evolved [SideQuesting Preview]

32d ago - Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes: "Disney Fantasia is not Dance Central. When the core of... | Xbox 360

Get Even E3 2014 Preview and Impressions | Entertainment Buddha

32d ago - Matt Heywood of Entertainment Buddha writes: "One of the most interesting games shown at E3 2014... | PS4

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Assassin’s Creed: Unity Preview from E3 2014 – No Girls, No Problem | COG

33d ago - Assassin’s Creed moves on to its 8th installment in the series and still manages to remain fresh.... | PC

Alien: Isolation Makes Me Want to Throw My Controller - 1985fm

33d ago - It's hard to even talk about Alien: Isolation without first mentioning Colonial Marines. Gear Box... | PS4

Hands-On with Far Cry 4 at E3 2014 – So I Barebacked an Elephant… | COG

33d ago - COG writes - As the clock wound down on day one of E3 we managed to get in a quick play through o... | PC

Persona 4 Arena Ultimax E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

33d ago - GameDynamo - "Persona 4 Arena was an interesting title: taking an RPG and turning it into a fight... | Xbox 360

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call E3 2014 Hands-On Preview | GameDynamo

33d ago - GameDynamo - "2012’s Theatrhythm Final Fantasy was an awesome spin-off for Final Fantasy fans (an... | 3DS