E3 Interviews  

Frontier on the "constant evolution" of Elite: Dangerous

168d ago - GRTV caught up with Elite Dangerous producer Adam Woods to discuss the game, VR support, crowdfun... | PC

The Order: 1886 is more than "just a cover shooter"

168d ago - GRTV caught up with SCEE producer Gavin Russell to discuss the E3 builds of The Order: 1886. "... | PS4

Forza Horizon 2 E3 interview with Creative Director Ralph Fulton

168d ago - Forza Horizon 2 was announced prior to E3. It is a stunning looking, multiplayer focused game wit... | Xbox One

Nordic Games Talks about the Future of Darksiders and Red Faction

169d ago - GenGAME writes: At E3 a few weeks back I got the opportunity to speak with Reinhard Pollice, the... | Dev

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Killatia at E3 2014 World of Warship Interview

169d ago - Killatia talks to Daniil Volkov of Wargaming.net about there next free to play war game Battle of... | PC

Twitch - 1 million channels and rising

169d ago - Games Industry speaks with Twitch COO Kevin Linn about the growth of Twitch, the impact it's had... | E3

Ed Boon: "More new characters than ever" in Mortal Kombat X

169d ago - GRTV talked to Mortal Kombat X creative director Ed Boon about the new game. The main thing t... | PC

Civilization Beyond Earth Gameplay Preview

169d ago - Firaxis Games developers detail the new PC game, Civilization Beyond Earth in this exclusive game... | PC

Fable Legends Preview With Xbox Mike Nichols

169d ago - Microsoft exec Mike Nichols previews Lionhead Studios Xbox One exclusive Fable Legends at E3 2014... | Xbox One

Forza Horizon 2: "it's more laid back, more fun"

170d ago - GR-UK writes: "We caught up with Ralph Fulton, creative director on Forza Horizon 2 at Playground... | Xbox 360

Playground Games 'Forza Horizon 2' Interview - Igniting Passion in Gamers & Car Lovers Alike

170d ago - COG writes - During the madness of E3 at the beginning of June, we here at COG got a chance to si... | Xbox 360

E3 2014: Secret Ponchos Interview

170d ago - Max Level: Secret Ponchos is definitely one the of the best indie games at E3. Secret Ponchos is... | PC

Shuhei Yoshida pays tribute to Phil Spencer

170d ago - "He's a reasonably smart guy, compared to some other people who used to say some unbelievable thi... | PS4

MX vs ATV Supercross E3 interview with Director and CEO Ken George

171d ago - The MX vs ATV supercross games have been the go-to titles for fans of dirt bikes and ATV's for so... | PC

Killatia at E3 2014 Razer Products Interview

171d ago - Killatia checks out the Razer booth at E3 to see there latest products. This includes the Iphone... | Tech

Sunset Overdrive's story is "self-aware" with important themes

171d ago - GRTV talked to Insomniac Games' Ted Price about Sunset Overdrive's story, co-op, weapons and more... | Xbox One

Homefront: The Revolution Interview with Adam Duckett at E3

171d ago - Connected Digital World writes: At E3 I sat down with Adam Duckett to talk all things Homefront:... | PC

"Minds will be blown" in Tales from the Borderlands

171d ago - During E3 Gamereactor caught up with Telltale Games' Richard Iggo, and he had plenty to tell us a... | PC

Dead Island 2 Interview with Michael Kempson of Yager at E3

172d ago - Connected Digital World writes: At E3 I sat down with Michael Kempson from Yager about Dead Islan... | PC

Alien: Isolation Interview with Al Hope at E3

172d ago - Connected Digital World writes: At E3 I got to speak to Al Hope, the creative lead on Alien: Isol... | PC

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Yoko Shimomura Discusses Nomuras Influence and Difficulty On Composing

172d ago - Video game composer Yoko Shimomura is well known, and Kingdom Hearts fans from all over the world... | Culture

Dead Trigger 2 Tegra Gameplay Interview

172d ago - Madfinger Games developer Tomas Nawar Talks Dead Trigger 2, Tegra 4 and Tegra K1 technology in th... | Android

Disney Infinity Marvel Super Heroes Gameplay Interview - Part 2

172d ago - Avalanche Software CEO John Blackburn previews Spider-Man and the newest details about Disney Inf... | Xbox 360

E3 2014: A look at Bungie's 'Destiny'

172d ago - Jason Sussman, an Environment Artist on Bungie's upcoming title Destiny, talks about the game, wh... | PC

Devil’s Third Interview – How Itagaki's Violent Shooter Landed On The Wii U

172d ago - Yoshifuru Okamoto describes himself as producer on Devil's Third, but he also serves an important... | Wii U