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E3 2014: Microsoft, Nintendo, Sony - The Results - IGN Versus

174d ago - IGN - We asked if your preferred Microsoft, Nintendo or Sony during E3 2014. Here are the results... | PS4

5 Things We Discovered About Mortal Kombat X at E3 2014

176d ago - Earlier this month NeatherRealm Studios announced that Mortal Kombat X is coming soon to current... | PC

How Turtle Beach Is Looking To Stay Ahead of the Game with DTS On The Xbox One and PS4

176d ago - DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Sound will make an important Xbox One and PS4 debut when Turtle Beac... | PC

10 Reasons Why You Should Be Excited For Splatoon

177d ago - Splatoon was a surprising reveal from Nintendo during their E3 showing. A squad based shooter tha... | Wii U

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E3 2014 coverage: Sony Online Entertainment

178d ago - What new MMOs can we expect from Sony's online division? | PC

Born to Sell: How Indie Games Went Mainstream At E3

179d ago - Forbes: The idea of an “indie” has always been reactionary, an attempt to reverse the momentum of... | PC

The Rose Experience: E3 2014 w/ Word & Locale Association

179d ago - With E3 2014 in the books, Jason finally releases his breakdown on the event, with his own twist.... | PC

Why you should be pumped for the Grim Fandango remaster

179d ago - "With the announcement of a Grim Fandango remaster for PS4 and PS Vita at E3, a renewed slew of v... | Retro

Nintendo UK's Post-E3 Event Coverage

180d ago - Hot off the heels of Nintendo's showing at E3 2014, Nintendo Feed's Anna Williams headed down to... | Wii U

E3 Roundtable

180d ago - Dave Moran says "Finally E3 has come to a close and now that the dust has settled it’s time to se... | E3

My Top 5 Games of E3 2014

180d ago - This year's E3 offered up many games to look forward to within the coming year on next gen consol... | PS4

Jimquisition How To Sell Games Without Being A Lying Dick

181d ago - E3 was full of lies and conjecture, and that was stupid. At least one company was doing it right.... | Culture

The Old E3 is Dead; Long Live the New E3

181d ago - The cold, business-oriented E3 of past years is dying; let's welcome with open arms the new E3 fo... | Wii U

The iLL Panel: E3 2014 Discussion and Views

181d ago - iLLGaming editors took to the 16 hour flight to travel Los Angeles to attend E3 all the way from... | PC

5 Most Anticipated Games of 2014

181d ago - Anthony Accinelli of StrengthGamer.com writes, "With E3 behind us now, and a great lineup of game... | PS4

Does Nintendo Have What it Takes to Compete?

181d ago - gamrReview's Ben Burnham: "It could very well develop a life as a secondary console in addition t... | Wii U

"Something for the Fans" - 343 Industries Talks Halo: The Master Chief Collection - AusGamers

182d ago - AusGamers sat through a lengthy and in-depth presentation by 343 Industries on their Halo 5: Guar... | Xbox One

Sony is in danger of becoming arrogant

182d ago - Jake Valentine : Without a shadow of a doubt, Sony had the strongest presence at E3 2013. They we... | PS3

E3 2014 coverage: Daedalic Entertainment

183d ago - GeekNifty takes a look at the offerings of this adventure game publisher. | PC

Nintendo has embraced the digital platform

183d ago - Jake Valentine : It’s been several years since Nintendo started airing their Nintendo Direct vide... | Wii U

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How (and why) Wargaming makes its vehicles so accurate

183d ago - Dali Dimovski of SideQuesting writes: "The Militaria team at Wargaming spends countless hours... | PC

Thanks to mobile, everyone is a gamer

183d ago - When people think of modern video game platforms, consoles such as Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Ni... | iPhone

E3 2014: A Fighting Game Fan’s Best of E3

184d ago - FanBolt.com writes: "As the resident Fighting Game junkie, E3 this year had quite a bit to cater... | Xbox 360

The Best E3 Moments of All-Time

184d ago - Cinelinx - "E3 2014 just recently passed, but we still have one last E3 article to complete our m... | Xbox 360

Mark it: 2014 is the year game franchises became utterly meaningless

184d ago - Even with robust single-player built in, Battlefield is a large-scale team-based online military... | PS4