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Rumor: New Dynasty Warriors Gundam, Mato Kurenai Yuugekitai announced in this week’s Famitsu

888d ago - This latest issue of Weekly Famitsu has the scoop on five new titles, according to the supposedly... | PS3

Our Favorite Anime-Based Video Games

1110d ago - Even though there isn't an anime-based product it's based on per se, Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the Whi... | Arcade

Be the first to know the Release Date for PlayStation VR

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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam | Review - AWESOME/10

1291d ago - Sick days are pretty rad, aside from all of that languishing in discomfort. They’re one of the fe... | PS2

Gundam Fans Can Now Improve Their Gaming Experience with Gundam Video On Demand

1438d ago - OGPlanet Launches Gundam Video on Demand in North America. Fans and players of the popular SD Gun... | PC

GoozTube 1st and 10: Dynasty Warriors Gundam

1695d ago - First off, I'd like to dedicate this episode to two people: Jim Sterling, for constantly tweeting... | PS3

DualShockers' Review of Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce Review

2173d ago - DualShockers writers, "...Where Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce shows promise is its integrati... | 1

Electronic Theatre In-depth Review: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

2421d ago - Within its' main gameplay modes Dynasty Warriors: Gundam plays in accordance with an expanded Dyn... | 1,2

In Defence of Dynasty Warriors

2454d ago - Aaron From That Aussie Game Site Writes: "The following statement will probably destroy all... | 1,2,9,11

Dear Koei Games, Please Stop

2457d ago - The Power Review: Enough is enough. There comes a time when you can only rereleased the same ga... | 1,2,4,5,8,9

411mania's Release List for the Week of April 20, 2009

2483d ago - 411mania talks about this week's game releases. Highlights include DeathSmiles, Little King's Sto... | 1,2,3,4,5,7,9,11,12

Games that looked good on paper

2537d ago - In all honesty, some games would be better off left on the whiteboard at the design meeting. Whet... | 1,2,3,12

KOEI confirm European Release Dates

2612d ago - KOEI has announced the first quarter of their game releases for Europe in 2009 today. The dates h... | 1,2,4

Enterbrain: Best Selling PS3 Games In Japan So Far

2618d ago - "Weekly Famitsu had a short feature celebrating PS3's 2nd anniversary (they put it as "... | 1

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2 Screenshots

2639d ago - Has Released some new Screenshots for Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2. The Game is Curren... | 1,2

Dynasty Warriors : Gundam 2 new gameplay video

2642d ago - Koei has released a new gameplay video of Dynasty Warriors : Gundam 2 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3... | 1,2,9

PlayTM: Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Review

2874d ago - In conclusion is there anything good about this game? Well there are some very nice visual effect... | 1,2

Eurogamer's Xbox 360 vs. PS3 Face-Off: Round Seven

2958d ago - After a joyous yuletide spent playing Naughty Dog's supreme Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, it's back... | 1,2

Destructoid review: Dynasty Warriors Gundam (6/10)

2994d ago - Jim Sterling writes: "Dynasty Warriors Gundam is not a bad game, but it's certainly not... | 1,2

Wonderwallweb Review Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

3007d ago - A sad trend for giant robot games is that they tend to be very slow and lacking any type of inten... | 1,2

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam - Gamer Review

3008d ago - Gamer writes: "Over the past few years, Dynasty Warriors has carved itself into a part... | 1,2

List of PS4 Games that are coming out this month

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Gametrailers Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reivew

3057d ago - Do giant robots and a hack-n-slash battle system mesh well on the battlefield, or is this just on... | 1,2

Xbox 360: Dynasty Warriors Gundam Review

3060d ago - A review for Dynasty Warriors Gundam for 360 over at It receives a moderate... | 2

Dynasty Warriors:Gundam - Planet Xbox360 Review

3065d ago - Most gamers either love anything Gundam or hate it like their in-laws, and this is going to be th... | 1, 2

IGN Reviews Dynasty Warriors Gundam

3083d ago - Grab your laser swords and ridiculously over-sized shields, Dynasty Warriors Gundam is upon us no... | 1, 2

1UP Reviews Dynasty Warriors: Gundam (Ps3): 6.5/10

3086d ago - With everyone being excited about the release of games such as Warhawk and Tiger Woods PGA Tour 0... | 1, 2
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Dynasty Warriors: Gundam

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