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Dynasty Warriors 8 All Stories  

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | Game Podunk

333d ago - GP writer Brittany Vincent reviews Dynasty Warriors 8 on PS3. | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | Fat Duck Tech

335d ago - FDT writes: In some ways, there’s nothing wrong with tweaking a formula to the point of near perf... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review - Glitch Cat

335d ago - Glitch Cat - For a franchise which I believe is showing signs of age, Dynasty Warriors 8 avoids b... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | Press Start Australia

336d ago - Kevin at Press Start Australia writes: "Dynasty Warriors, now up to ‘8’ (excluding spin offs and... | Xbox 360

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Impulse Gamer - Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

338d ago - Impulse Gamer - Dynasty Warriors 8 is a very sturdy game on the PlayStation 3 that does take the... | PS3

Ginx- Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

339d ago - Gx:Dynasty Warriors 8 is the latest instalment in the insanely popular franchise to hit consoles,... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review - The Digital Fix

339d ago - Dynasty Warriors is a series with a lot of history, and we're not talking about the collapse of t... | Xbox 360

OXCGN’s Dynasty Warriors 8 Interview- A look ahead to Dynasty Warriors’ future- is it open-world?

341d ago - OXCGN "We had a brief chat to Atsushi Miyauchi, Manager at Temco Koei Games. We briefly spoke... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | DarkStation

342d ago - DarkStation: "Dynasty Warriors 8, a mish-mash of fun, brokenness and low production values that i... | Xbox 360

The Maul Squad: Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

342d ago - If slaughtering peasants by the thousands in a quest to rule ancient China ever becomes wrong, Th... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 - 5 Star Weapons Guide

343d ago - GameDynamo - "each weapon has a specific task that must be completed, and this task has to be com... | Xbox 360

Why do people like Dynasty Warriors so much?

346d ago - From the article, "In the world of video games, we tend to be very critical of sequels that don’t... | Xbox 360

Game of the Month: July 2013

347d ago - Hardcore Gamer: July is typically the slowest month of the year for gaming, so it's amazing we we... | PC

Original Gamer Review - Dynasty Warriors 8

347d ago - "Another year, another Dynasty Warriors game. Is the Dynasty Warriors franch... | Xbox 360

Denkiphile: Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

347d ago - Davis from Denkiphile: "Long viewed as one of the titles with the most rehashes and most pointles... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review (Invision Game Community)

348d ago - The Dynasty Warriors saga is well known for both its telling of the grand stories and legends fro... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Interview with Atsushi Miyauchi – PAXAus 2013

349d ago - Earlier this month over at the Australian Penny Arcade Expo, PAXAus, us here at Capsule Computers... | Industry

Haters gonna hate or how I learned to love dynasty warriors and not care what people think

349d ago - Geek Pride take a look at Dynasty Warriors and how they fell in love with the series. | Xbox 360

Diehard GameFAN: Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

350d ago - DHGF: In the end, Dynasty Warriors 8 provides more than enough Warriors fun for any fan of the se... | Xbox 360

Hard Reset Podcast #21 – Oh No, It’s Lu Bu!

350d ago - In this weeks show there are no current games so we talk about games coming soon & some old games... | Xbox 360

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Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | Elder Geek

350d ago - Elder Geek: "I was weary of this title at first, but Dynasty Warriors 8 is the quintessential Dyn... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | Awesome Games

350d ago - Mike from Awesome Games writes: 'Picture the scene; the year is 2002, a dark cloud rains upon the... | Xbox 360

Gameolio Podcast #71: A Roomful of Clickers

350d ago - This week Phuong, Haven and Dan discuss Dynasty Warriors 8, Soul Sacrifice, Fallout New Vegas and... | PC

CSM - Dynasty Warriors 8 Review

351d ago - CSM - Dynasty Warriors 8 is an epic adventure that follows a number of heroic characters, each of... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8 Review | BT

351d ago - Does Dynasty Warriors 8 represent a fresh new start for the venerable franchise or has the romanc... | Xbox 360

Dynasty Warriors 8

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