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Heroes of the Storm Gets Diablo's Necromancer and Wizard

21d ago - Gamespot: Game director Dustin Browder talks about raising the skill cap in Heroes of the Storm. | PC

Heroes of the Storm: Dustin Browder interview

22d ago - By John Bedford Two new characters have just been revealed for Heroes of the Storm: Li Ming, rep... | PC

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Artanis Not Allowed At Blizzcon Tournament

118d ago - Dustin Browder confirmed that Artanis will not be allowed for play at Blizzcon, as the pros need... | PC

Heroes Of The Storm Map Maker A Possibility

141d ago - Gamespresso: Game Director for Heroes of the Storm, Dustin Browder, has confirmed that Blizzar... | PC

Heroes of the Storm's Creative Director Interviewed: How do you surprise players at hour 1000?

248d ago - Dustin Browder, Creative Director of the Blizzard team behind Heroes of the Storm, discusses its... | PC

Blizzard Game Director Dustin Browder Explains Why StarCraft II Pro Gamers Are Athletes

1138d ago - With a new year of eSports upon us, Blizzard Entertainment (a division of Activision Blizzard Pub... | PC

Blizzard Says StarCraft On Wii U ‘Might Work’

1333d ago - The lead designer of StarCraft II says there are several ways the popular real-time strategy seri... | Wii U
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