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Project Legion first look: shooting and looting in the Eve Online universe

146d ago - Dust 514 was a PlayStation 3-only FPS set in the EVE universe. Its limitations and flaws were obv... | PC

DUST 514 is Kicking My Butt, and I'm Loving It | CDG

568d ago - CDG: "Dust 514 is a subway tunnel system. Each objective leading to a new destination. DUST 514 t... | PC

Out This Week: New Releases (12th – 18th May)

584d ago - After a very slow week we’re right back on track with a lot of releases coming across all platfor... | PC

DUST 514: Almost One Year On | IGN

596d ago - IGN: "At EVE Fanfest in Iceland last year, Dust 514 was introduced to the world with a spectacula... | PS3

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So, I think I might like Dust 514 | Gamers Association Preview

649d ago - What makes Dust 514 special enough to attract an RPG fan who doesn't enjoy modern shooters while... | PS3

DUST 514 Open Beta Overview - PSU

652d ago - A look at the basics of CCP's free-to-play MMOFPS on PS3. | PS3

Beta Impressions: An Idiot’s Hour Inside Dust 514 | Gamers Association

666d ago - Now in open beta and accessible to everyone, does Dust 514 do things differently enough to ensnar... | PS3

Dust 514 Hands-On Preview: A Giant Leap Forward For Free-To-Play Shooters | G4

679d ago - G4 writes: 'When you’re doing something as revolutionary as CCP is with Dust 514, it can be ea... | PS3

Dust 514 Open Beta Impressions – Eat Text; I Mean, Lead - Newbcast Gaming

689d ago - As Dust 514 moves into Open Beta, a lot of a gamers want to take a look at the upcoming mass mult... | PS3

Dust 514 Hands On | Machinima

692d ago - Machinima: "If pulling off cross-platform multiplayer functionality is supposed to be a challenge... | PS3

Dust 514 Beta Impressions |Analog Addiction

693d ago - Analog Addiction Writes: "Dust 514 has so much going for it; unfortunately it’s all rooted in ide... | PS3

You Too Can Backstab In Dust 514 | The Escapist

693d ago - The Escapist: "It's been almost a whole year since I last previewed Dust 514, but the game is goi... | PS3

EuroGamer - Dust 514's new frontier

693d ago - EuroGamer - CCP has just flicked a very important switch. Today - shortly before this article was... | PS3

Dust 514 Impressions | FPS Guru

693d ago - FPS Guru writes: "For the last 10 years CCP has made a mark for themselves in the MMORPG world... | PS3

Dust 514: 'It's the most meaningful shooter ever made' (CVG)

694d ago - As it enters open beta, CCP talks up its ambitious free-to-play PS3 FPS | PC

Dust 514 Preview | OmniGamer

701d ago - OmniGamer writes "The Concept of Dust 514 is beautiful the execution is what we are all wondering... | PS3

Dust 514 Preview | ConsoleMonster

717d ago - ConsoleMonster writes: "As I gaze at the star map, part in disbelief part in awe, I realize th... | PS3

Ginx- Preview:Dust 514

717d ago - GX:Some promises are too good to be true. When we found out that CCP Games we’re making a PS3 exc... | PS3

Games.on.net: DUST 514 Previewed: More like EVE Online than you’d think

737d ago - Although derided by the PC master race for being a console exclusive, the resemblance that DUST 5... | PC

Dust 514 Hands-On | Machinima

775d ago - Machinima: "We were recently invited by CCP to play a few rounds of the game in its closed beta f... | PS3

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Gamesradar- Dust 514 Video Preview: Hands-on with the closed beta

775d ago - Gamesradar- It may not look like it on the surface, but Dust 514 is an experimental game charting... | PS3

Dust 514: Closed Beta Preview | GamingCapacity

804d ago - Dust 514 is a free-to-play console FPS set within the universe and in direct communication with t... | PS3

Dust 514: Can Fantastic Ideas Become Reality? | gamrReview

805d ago - gamrReview: "But wait! A glimmer of hope may yet remain for Dust 514. Talking to the developers p... | PS3

Dust 514 Preview (Invision Game Community)

814d ago - Dust 514 is the EVE Online tie in game that is currently in beta for the PS3. CCP are promising a... | PS3

Dust 514 Beta Impressions - Glitch Cat

819d ago - Glitch Cat - It’s unfortunate that such a unique project as Dust 514 is bogged by these types of... | PS3
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