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As The Dust Clears: Where is CCP Games's First-Person Shooter Today?

696d ago - USGamer takes a brief look at where CCP's highly ambitious but deeply flawed DUST 514 stands today. | PS3

Nerd-dom Weekly Rap-up #19 (NWR)

749d ago - Whats up Fantisites yes you know it I am back once again bringing you more Nerd-dom and all thing... | Android

Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At Releases.com you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

The SideQuest Episode 514: EVEnings with the Team

766d ago - SideQuesting.com: In this episode: We take a look at EVO, competitive gaming, and how the scen... | PC

DUST 514: Fight Your Own War

809d ago - CCP writes: 'DUST 514® has arrived, and shooters will never be the same again. In this free-to... | PS3

First Look: DUST 514

834d ago - STFU&Play write: 'In this video I jump into a brand new free to play FPS on the PS3 called DUS... | PS3

RadarPlays - Dust 514

837d ago - GamesRadar - CCP's free-to-play first-person shooter MMO has finally been "officially" released. | PS3

DUST 514: Does it work?

837d ago - VideoGamer: 'Dust 514 has had us intrigued for a while, but how does that link with Eve Online... | PS3

PlayStation Euphoria Cast Ep 27 - Ratchet & Clank Movie Interview and A Talk On Survival Horror

850d ago - PlayStation Euphoria: On this week’s Euphoria Cast, we have an interview with the Executive Produ... | PS3

DUST 514 Merc Cast Episode 2

863d ago - Mercenaries of New Eden, Welcome to Merc Cast – the official DUST 514 Podcast hosted by CCP Cm... | PS3

Videocast: CCP Developer Q&A - EVE Development

871d ago - The latest videocast from CCP Games. | PC

Developer Q&A - The DUST - EVE Link

879d ago - Following on from our inaugural broadcast for the Battle of Caldari Prime, the CCP Community Team... | PS3

Merc Cast: Major changes for new "Uprising" Build

879d ago - Mercenaries of New Eden, Welcome to Merc Cast – the official DUST 514 Podcast hosted by CCP C... | PS3

PSU DUST 514 Exclusive Podcast - Pilot Episode

883d ago - PSU writes: 'Hosted by EVE Online pilot, experienced DUST 514 mercenary and PSU Editor, Alex L... | PC

It's Happening: Dust 514 and EVE Online Merge Together

887d ago - Developer CCP has undertaken the daunting task of making a PC game talk to a PS3 game. Well, it's... | PC

EVE: What Do The Next 10 Years Hold?

888d ago - IGN - Mitch speaks with the Executive Producer of Eve Online and Dust 514 about the future of the... | PC

EVE Online - The Battle for Caldari Prime Live Stream

890d ago - CCP Games have begun their live stream of The Battle for Caldari Prime, the first event to take p... | PC

DUST 514: Dropsuits Make The Man

907d ago - Find out what dropsuit will stop you from getting your ass kicked online. | PS3

Rocket Jump Podcast 087 - Java the Hutt

910d ago - Rocket Jump: On this week's show we talk about slight disappointment from Dust 514, more DmC:Devi... | Culture

IGN Live Presents: DUST 514

912d ago - Daemon and Greg take you through Dust 514, the much anticipated free to play first person shooter... | PS3

What Orbital Bombardments Look Like From EVE Online To DUST 514, Recorded At The Same Time

934d ago - Dust514.org writes: 'Here is what it looks like to fire an orbital bombardment from EVE online... | PC

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post

Nerds Without Pants Episode 15: Potpourri

938d ago - PixlBit | "Hello again! Julian here, joined as always by Patrick and Rob for another episode of N... | PC

Episode 6 - Good Luck, Scott Hartsman!

943d ago - Hello again, MMO Radio friends! We're happy to return again for Episode 6 this week as we wish on... | PC

Firmware Update 0.26: The Wake-Up Club

953d ago - Now that the industry’s New Year’s hangover has finally worn off, there’s a gaggle of news to get... | Culture

PS Nation Podcast-Ep299-MOAR AH-NULD!

984d ago - Our Good Friend Dale Kulas joins us! News Extended What We’re Playing and Watching We Discuss... | PS3

Dust 514 Weapon Developer Diary

988d ago - CCP gives a vast overview of the weaponry wrecking destruction across the universe in Dust 514. | PS3
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