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DUST 514: PS3's Galactic MMO Shooter

1050d ago ... After last years E3 conference, I was lucky enough to receive an invite into the private closed Beta of DUST 514. It is nine months later and I am still an active member of the DUST 514 Beta community. This is honestly the longest Beta I have ever been a part of and looking back, it amazes me how much this game has evolved since the first time I logged in almost nine months ago. Back in 2003...

Free to Play Games: Good or Bad? And How They Should Be Done

1430d ago ... PC gamers have been experiencing a wide array of free to play games in the recent years and now the phenomenon (or curse) is crossing over to platforms with Killzone 3 and now Dust 514 now becoming free to play in different ways. Games that follow a free to play model can go about it a few ways. First off is the model like Team Fortress 2 or the soon to be released End of Nations where it is...
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DUST 514

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