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Dust 514: You Break My Heart

188d ago - "ZL: Dust 514 was going to be my game. It was to be my triumphant return to competitive first per... | PS3

A New Player’s Journey Through Dust 514

311d ago - Explicitbaron takes you through his journey as a beginner in the free to play PS3 shooter Dust 514. | PS3

Check What PS4 Games are Coming Out in August

Now - At Releases.com you can check release dates for all PS4 games. Visit now and start tracking the games you plan to buy. | Promoted post

Gamer Confessions: I Am Addicted To Dust 514

638d ago - Mikey Ducati of RealGamerNewz writes, "For weeks I have thought on the different things I wanted... | PS3

The Perfect Free-to-Play Model

754d ago - My opinion of what a good free-to-play game consists of... | PC

Actual new games of 2013: the half-time verdict

759d ago - Eurogamer: Just over 18 months ago, when a fair few of us were feeling stifled by a climate of st... | PC

EVE Evolved: Is DUST 514 a pay-to-win game?

766d ago - Joystiq: 'I've been following DUST 514's development with a cautious optimism for the past few... | PS3

5 Free To Play Games You Should be Playing

824d ago - Simply put, Gaming these days is an extremely expensive hobby. With each new game going for 60 do... | PC

DUST 514: EVE Culture Shock and Grief University

831d ago - The Mittani writes: 'It has been three days since spies from Grief University set the DUST com... | PS3

Dust 514 starter guide and walkthrough

833d ago - GamesRadar - Dust 514 is a huge meta game. Tied into EVE Online and it’s 10+ year ongoing “stock... | PS3

onPause Weekend Gaming 5/17/2013

834d ago - It is Friday, and there is no better way to spend the weekend than playing a new release, or cont... | PC

How to Win in Dust 514

835d ago - IGN writes: Dust 514 is a big game. It's free to play, it's a first-person shooter, it's all t... | PS3

DUST 514: How to earn SP

836d ago - In DUST 514, you advance your skills as a soldier using Skill Points (SP). You are awarded SP at... | PS3

New Games [May 13-19 2013]: Metro: Last Light, Dust 514

837d ago - To shoot or not to shoot, that is the question. This week sees the release of Metro: Last Light,... | PC

DUST 514 Arrives on PSN, Is It Really That Different From Beta?

837d ago - Earlier this morning, CCP officially took DUST 514 out of beta and released the game into the wil... | PS3

DUST 514 guide and beginner's tips

838d ago - PSU writes: 'DUST 514 is bracing itself for an influx of new players today as the MMO FPS rece... | PS3

PlayStation Store Preview – May 14th, 2013: Light Up Some DUST

838d ago - This week’s update is packed with releases on all platforms and in every category. It’s got worth... | PS3

DUST 514: CCP responds well to community

839d ago - PSU writes: 'On May 6, CCP unleashed the latest build for DUST 514, Uprising, on the masses--t... | PS3

Oculus Rift And Sony Help CCP Games Expand EVE Universe Beyond Online PC Gamers

840d ago - CCP Games is doing a lot of smart things. After focusing on growing a robust and dedicated hardco... | PC

DUST 514: Uprising - The DUST Mercs' Review

841d ago - Dusters writes: '‘How could you nerf my dropsuit-weapon-vehicle??’ We wonder if the devs ignor... | PS3

Pre-Order Plaza #16 May 14th Edition

842d ago - FTG Writes: Welcome toPre-Order Plaza! A weekly roundup of what new and notable Games are releasi... | PC

LEGO Jurassic World (XB1) Review

Now - Ken travels to Jurassic Park once again. | Promoted post

DUST 514 will change the rhythm of EVE Online’s warfare, creating the most ambitious MMO in history

843d ago - PA writes: 'DUST 514 is the free-to-play, first-person shooter game for the PlayStation 3 that... | PC

EVE Online Turns 10 Today

845d ago - EVE is a game that not a ton of people play due to its incredibly complex mechanics, but it is ea... | PC

The Best Games of 2013: May Releases

851d ago - Richard Bailey of The Koalition writes: As we inch closer to the halfway point of 2013, the mont... | PC

Twitter Play-By-Play: EVE Fanfest 2013

855d ago - Steven Strom writes: "EVE Fanfest gives us a first glimpse of the upcoming update for Dust 514... | PC

Editorial - Free-To-Play(Station)?

865d ago - PSU looks at the emergence of free-to-play games and how it relates to PS3 and PS4. | PS3
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