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User Review : DuckTales Remastered

Ducktales Remastered :Does It Do The Original Justice? - Zombie Gamer Online

DuckTales The Video game is the story of Scrooge McDuck who finds a treasure map. The map tells of 5 valuable and rare treasures and off he goes to reclaim them because he’s Scrooge McDuck and that’s just what he does. The Remastered version expands on this a bit and gives some back story leading in. Consisting of fighting the Beagle Boys and finding the map, Flint Heart Glomgold being more prominent in the story and in the last level instead of only showing up right at the end as a “twist” ( any real DuckTales fan would have told you it wasn’t much of a twist ). Also, how can you not like the fact that the story is punched up with all the original voice actors including the voice of Magica DeSpell’s who is well into her 90′s and was the voice of Rocky the Flying Squirrel from The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle.

The Good

The gameplay is solid and didn’t need to be refined much nor did they really touch it in any way. It is your basic platformer– you jump over obstacles, jump on enemies to defeat them and move across levels to reach the end point. What made it innovative wasn’t so much that some levels opened up for further exploration ( Like the Moon, Transylvania or the African Mines ) but the pogo stick game play was fun and original. Scrooge is able to use his cane like a pogo stick to not only jump on enemies heads and defeat them but also traverse some obstacles, spike pits mostly, and get some height to jump over enemies and hit out of the way treasure chests.

Visually this game is amazing! The HD sprites are crisp and clear. Like watching a cartoon in motion. The backgrounds have been improved on as well. From little details in the background like Spooky paintings in Transylvania, mine shaft type detailing in the African Mine and moon surface cratering on The Moon. Plus, they added the money bin. When you access the level select hub you can take Ol’ Scroogie for a dip in his infamous Money Bin and swim around in coins and see the treasures obtained in game sitting in the bin.

This game has plenty of replay value in it as well. From the original difficulties being there ( Easy, Normal, Difficult ) plus the new even harder difficulty to a museum type level where money earned in levels can be used to purchase sketches, the sound track and original animation art from the TV Show. And speaking of difficulty, the game retains most of it’s “Nintendo Hard” difficulty without dumbing the game down for the newer crowd and making it so you don’t HAVE to run through the game in one go ( the only problem I ever had with the original was no way to put it down and come back later ) by adding a save when you beat the level system. Though, losing all your lives makes you start over from the beginning of the stage.

The Bad

Now while I do appreciate that Way Forward has tried hard to make this a more modern game with a story and voice acting but that’s also where the complication comes in. With voice acting comes unnecessary cut scenes that take a game that didn't long to play or just throw on quickly to play a level or two or run through now gets bogged down with breaks in the game play every time you find a stage item with cut-scenes that while YES! they are skippable require you to pause the game, press skip cut-scene and then continue playing. It can break your pace a bit especially if you’re having a good run of things.

The soundtrack… oh God the soundtrack. This game is one of the pinnacles of early gaming music from the whimsical happy go lucky sound of the Amazon theme to the cheesy horror sound of Transylvania to the beloved sound of the epic The Moon stage and Way Forward tries their best to live up to the legacy this soundtrack has behind it. Tracks like Transylvania sound better with the remix and some tracks like the Moon while it is an interesting remix fell a little flat in comparison to the original.

The Results Are In

Overall, Wayforward took something that they knew would be hard to remake without catching a lot of heat over and they managed to deliver a solid remake. Sure some fans aren't going to be enamored with it but that’s just like with any sort of remake. I applaud Wayforward for bringing such a great game to a newer generation and I look forward their future releases, that’s right I’m eyeballing you Regular Show : Mordecai and Rigby in 8-Bit Land!

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