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Drunken Robot Pornography (PC) Review - Games Fiends

387d ago - If you’re a fan of similar twitch based run and gun games like Painkiller or Serious Sam then the... | PC

PAX East is all about the Indies

404d ago - PAX East has come and gone and it was another great year in the books. This time there was more o... | PC

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[Continue Play] Drunken Robot Pornography Review

408d ago - Continue Play's Dale Morgan takes a look at Drunken Robot Pornography, the FPS that's actually a... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography Review at CalmDownTom

441d ago - "Drunken Robot Pornography (DRP) is the latest from Dejobaan Studios, the guys behind 1, 2, 3, Ki... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography - Dirty Talk with Dejobaan | Gamereactor UK

447d ago - GR-UK writes: "DRP started off as an April Fools joke back in 2010," Lambe told us. "The core con... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography - Review (PC) | CriticalIndieGamer

448d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer) While heavy on the drunken robots, Drunken Robot Pornography is, to my chagr... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography Review: Asimov’s Three Rules of Boredom - Pixel Related

449d ago - The term “bullet hell” has rarely been used outside of the shoot-em-up genre, and with good reaso... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography Review | Destructoid

451d ago - "While the difficulty curve is smartly placed overall, there are some levels where you'll feel yo... | PC

Review: Drunken Robot Pornography offers crazy 2D bullet-hell thrills in a 3D FPS | BitPulse

453d ago - BitPulse: "My time spent with Drunken Robot Pornography was filled with laughs, cursing and then... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography Review | Twinfinite

453d ago - Matt from Twinfinite writes: "Never has a title been so accurate and misleading at the same time." | PC

Fondling – Drunken Robot Pornography

456d ago - Don’t let the name fool you. Drew digs into a game with a very misleading name. Our Fondlin... | PC

Dejobaan on Drunken Robot Pornography hitting Steam, moving on from Early Access

459d ago - Developer Dejobaan Games discusses what it's like to have launched Drunken Robot Pornography afte... | PC

Weekly GameBit Podcast Episode 15 | Digital Pickles

460d ago - In this landmark edition of the Weekly GameBit Podcast, the crew discusses the great Xbox One/PS4... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography Review (Pixel Critique)

460d ago - Whenever I see a video game title like “Drunken Robot Pornography,” I have a tendency to view the... | PC

GamingTrend: Drunken Robot Pornography Review

462d ago - Sean Lama at GamingTrend.com reviews the indie shooter Drunken Robot Pornography, released today... | PC

AHWU # 201

463d ago - Geoff, Jack, Gavin, Michael, and Caleb bring you this week's news. | PC

Dr. David's Indie Spotlight: Dejobaan Games interview

720d ago - GameZone: "I recently interviewed Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games. The studio previously released... | PC

Drunken Robot Pornography Preview | ComboCaster

724d ago - The scenario is quite similar to one of the other games Dejobaan, AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!, Wi... | PC

Leviathyn's Drunken. Robot. Pornography. Preview: A Crazy Shooter with a Crazy Name

783d ago - Drunken. Robot. Pornography. is a fast-paced shooter coming to PC from Dejobaan Games. Learn all... | PC

Game Preview - Drunken Robot Pornography - Blackman 'N Robin

791d ago - Drunken Robot Pornography is by far one of the oddest names in video game history. However, don't... | PC

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PAX East 2013: Indie Games Roundup

792d ago - Maximum PC: At PAX East, indie games booths often lack the flair and sheer bombast of the imposin... | PC

PAX East 2013: Big publishers need to look to how Indies promote their games [SideQuesting]

793d ago - Eric Smith of SideQuesting.com writes: "The way major publishers show off their bigger games i... | PC

Out of Continues Ep 68: PAX East Day 1

794d ago - Stafa, Kyle, Adam, and Ali get together to talk about Day 1 of PAX East and share what they thoug... | Culture

Rezzed 2012 Round Up:- Drunken Robot Pornography and qrth-phyl

1049d ago - newbreview.com staff members went to the Rezzed PC and indie games show in Brighton last weekend... | PC
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