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Polygon updates their Driveclub Review

9d ago - Driveclub's greatest contribution to the racing genre is how it manages to seamlessly blend the a... | PS4

CeX Review- DriveClub

92d ago - Sam Terry writes- Funnily enough, DriveClub and Watch Dogs were the PS4 bundles that I pre-ordere... | PS4

Make the World / Break the World

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play. Give us your vote on Steam Greenlight! | Promoted post

Drive Club Review | The Final Line

94d ago - Graphically this game is a piece of art. Driving around with the sun in your glaring upon your ey... | PS4

DriveClub - Player One Review

96d ago - After many delays, Sony finally launched DriveClub, the game that was supposed to show the power... | PS4

PS Gamer Review - Drive Club

115d ago - Ubisoft take on the MMO, but ditch the guns and bring in big cars instead. How did their experime... | PS4

DriveClub Review | Codec Moments

119d ago - DriveClub is an interesting one given the widely reported and lambasted problems. It took until... | PS4

Driveclub Review (Now That Everything Actually Works) - The Gaming Review

124d ago - Having waited until it was fixed, TGR review Driveclub and find that it's now an extremely good r... | PS4

Driveclub Review - Better Late Than Never | Worlds Factory

124d ago - Driveclub is a fine racing game now that it works most of the time, though there are still a few... | PS4

Review - Driveclub after the 1.09 patch; in a league of it’s own - Paradiger

131d ago - Driveclub didn’t exactly experience the best launch when it came out in October. Although visuall... | PS4

Driveclub | AUTOMATON Review

139d ago - AUTOMATON's Peter Martin takes to the streets to see if Driveclub can meet the bar set by so many... | PS4

Driveclub Review I GoodGameHR

150d ago - Driveclub is the best example of what happens when unfinished game comes out way before it should... | PS4

Driveclub Review - GamesReviews

169d ago - From GamesReviews: "According to Evolution Studios, Driveclub is the racing game that they've al... | PS4

Driveclub Review [The Metropolist]

174d ago - Reviewing Driveclub presented [The Metropolist] with the following conundrum. Is it possible to r... | PS4

NGB | DriveClub Review

174d ago - NGB Wrote: "Hidden somewhere within DriveClub is a very good racing game. A game with online hook... | PS4

Driveclub Review (Invision Game Community)

175d ago - Cast your mind back to the PlayStation 4 launch of November last year, and you might begin to rem... | PS4

PS Gamer Review - DriveClub

177d ago - Now that most of the server issues have been sorted out, Here is the PS Gamer review of Driveclub | PS4

GamesTM- DriveClub Review

178d ago - GamesTM- DriveClub is immediately striking. From the second the intro video kicks into gear, cars... | PS4

Review: Driveclub - ThoseGamingNerds

179d ago - Chris from ThoseGamingNerds reviews Driveclub, in which he says, "As beautiful and fun as it is,... | PS4

Driveclub Review by The Black Panel

180d ago - The Black Panel writes: While there is no doubt that Driveclub is a stunning looking game, the re... | PS4

DriveClub Review - 8BitChimp

181d ago - DriveClub is a very basic racing game. There’s no crazy twist or anything out of the ordinary her... | PS4

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Review: Driveclub - Connected Digital World

182d ago - Connected Digital World writes: No matter how many racing games that get released, none have come... | PS4

DriveClub Review: Termed As "PS4's Forza Killer" But Lost The Race In The First Lap | Gamepur

183d ago - Driveclub, a word that caused a surge of excitement from the moment it was announced at the PlayS... | PS4

Driveclub Review (PS4) | MenStuff

185d ago - Does Evolution Studios’ latest racing departure on the Playstation 4 burnout or cross the finish... | PS4

DriveClub review - head on collision | Expert Reviews

185d ago - The first PS4 racing game is visually stunning, but network issues and strict mechanics mean Driv... | PS4

The Scotsman Games review: DriveClub

185d ago - The game puts the emphasis on the player to team up in these clubs and, for a while, there is an... | PS4
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PS4 Release Dates
AU 10 October 2014
EU 10 October 2014
US 07 October 2014