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Where Are My Project Cars Racing Game Fans?

133d ago ... I'm a serious racing game fan and I can’t think of anything more exciting right now then Project Cars. I mean wow it’s not just looking good, it sounds really good. No, not the sound of the cars, (that sounds good too) but No, I mean the features in the game sound amazing, almost too good to be true. So you know nothing about this game, then let me ask you something, does that rock you mu...

Are We Gamers Becoming Harder To Please Nowadays?

313d ago ... I ask this question, because to me, I notice that nearly every new release on the consoles and PC so far, there has been so much hate surrounding each game. Is it because we are expecting too much? Is it the developers releasing games too early, with problems at release (example: Battlefield 4, Driveclub, Destiny). Is it because we get sucked in to the hype train so much that when the actual...

Was Driveclub reviewed properly?

328d ago ... Driveclub has finally launched. There are those who love it already, those who are a bit mixed on it, and of course those who think it is trash. The same can be said for the critics as well, if you take a look at all the reviews being published right now. There are 8's and 9's going around, lots of 7's, and even the occasional 5. Now, I've played about 2 hours myself today and do enjoy th...

How Should Driveclub Be Reviewed?

391d ago ... It was recently announced that the PS4 exclusive game "Driveclub" will not launch with weather effects in the game; they will be added later via a patch. It's also been announced that the Xbox exclusive game "Forza Horizon 2" will have weather effects included on the game disc. Since these two driving/racing games will inevitably be compared to each other based on their close release dates an...

All the Resofun with all the Resogun

425d ago ... [b]By Kyle[/b] Bang, bang! Bang, bang, bang, bang! Shoot, shoot, shoot! Bullet, bullet, gun! Zap, zap, zap! Pow, zap, pow! Continuing their legacy of crafting addictive titles built upon the backs of aggravating score-mongering, Housemarque have returned with Resogun, an enslaving side-scrolling ship shooter trapped in a cylinder that echoes the legendary classic Defender, but manages to...

The RTU Debacle: Well, that's gaming journalism for you.

673d ago ... UPDATE: COD Ghosts Confirmed by Activision to be running at 1080p native on the PS4 and 720p upscaled to 1080p on the XBO. Another debunk: So, I watched ReviewTechUSA's video. I was completely mind blown by the outlandish claims that this guy was making. He said that he got them from 'Ve...

The PS4 has no Games only Indies.

729d ago ... This is something that is really annoying me in threads and comment sections. "...AAA exclusives Games announced Ryse vs Killzone:SF Forza vs #Driveclub (an excuse for a racing game) Dead Rising 3 vs What ever dafaq Knack is Sunset Overdrive vs The Order: 1886 Halo 5 vs...............? Titanfall vs Infamous? Black Tusk new IP vs..................? Project Spark vs.................?...
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