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User Review : Dragon's Crown

  • Arcade beat them up
  • Beautiful 2D graphics
  • Easy to pick up and play
  • repetitive quests

Bring the Arcade home.

Vanillaware has been rather quiet about their last project, as a matter of fact, it is so under wraps, one might even question its existence. And yet the one that still remains on people's minds is Dragon's Crown.

I won't bring up the controversy surrounding the art style but I will tell you that once you dive head on into the game, it is painted tableaux that you won't soon forget. The games takes you from bleak and gritty labs to forts in flames and magical forests where treasure awaits you.

Ah, the story of Dragon's Crown is one that is as easily forgettable as a Taylor Swift's song. But I'll be as bold to say that no one will buy this game for the intricate story telling.
No, rather, it is the sword to the face "let me get out there and pillage everything in sight" that keeps the gamer entertained and enthralled to see new areas and find new loot.

The areas that surround the kingdom, in which Dragon's Crown takes place, are diverse and breathtakingly beautiful.
Vanilla ware doesn't disappoint in giving us hand drawn 2D eye candy and haunting tableaux that the player will revisit for the sheer amount of loot and the importance of leveling up.

As a matter of fact, loot and leveling up goes hand in hand, being aware of what to bestow upon your game character depends on what level you are, and it gives Dragon's crown a welcome RPG element. The execution of equipping new found loot and garment is well done, easy and painless.
Part of the appeal to replay certain areas for a better score will be to obtain better loot and to level up accordingly.

Dragon's Crown character selection is varied and well balanced. The wizard and sorceress seem to be easy to wield as their area spells can be quite damaging to foes and villainous things that lurk in the dark.
The dwarf and the elf will please damage seekers and those who seek intricate combo making, while the fighter and the amazon may be suited for beginning players with straight forward attacks and the ability to block (for the fighter).

The arcade feel of Dragon's Crown gives the player the desire to come back and play a quick game for those of us who are short on time. Quick spurs of gameplay and easy customization make this game a joy to come back to.
The multiplayer aspect adds dynamic to the game whether it is done via local co-op or online play.
The repetitive nature of loot hunting and grinding may repel some players, while some will appreciate the easy to pick up gameplay.

No need to line up quarters on the arcade cabinet for this one, if you haven't picked up Dragon's crown yet, you're missing out on the Beat them up of the past two years.
It continues to stay relevant within the gaming community and its online component remains strong and vibrant.

Hand drawn 2D eye candy. This is where Vanillaware shines, a beautiful love letter to hand drawn art style.
The soundtrack captures every area presented in the game, beautifully and purposefully orchestrated to bring the player into the world.
Fun and arcade like, it is dungeon and dragons a la Vanilla ware and it shines through.
Fun Factor
Whether it is local co-op with friends or online play, the multiplayer aspect of the game keeps the game fun.
The online aspect is solid. Requesting friends or playing with online players works well.
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Ilovetheps41374d ago

I've always had one major issue with the game. It takes forever to unlock the online play. That's the reason I never bought it until it came out with PS+. In my opinion, these games aren't that fun without playing with other people. But for some reason this game made you play through 9 dungeons before you could play with someone online. I think that's just ridiculous. I made it to the 8th dungeon before finally quitting. It just wasn't fun by myself. My friend agreed with me. Since the game came out, I've been trying to understand their reasoning behind this. But that essentially ruined this entire game for me.

Fullmetalevolust1374d ago

I understand your reasoning, but somehow I thought they were only unlocking to those players who had gone through the game and understood the mechanics so that the online play would be more dynamic and rich.
I've played online with folks who could finish a boss in a matter of seconds and others who enriched my experience by being succinct partners in looting crime.
On the other hand, you could also have leveled up with the online component already there's both side of the coin.

Ilovetheps41374d ago

I have no clue how the online works, but I'm assuming it has both an invite feature and a matchmaking feature. I believe they could have simply locked the matchmaking until you beat the game, but allowed you to play with friends. I mean the game allows you to play couch coop from the beginning, so why not online?