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  Why Indie Games Matter

By Tadej Kupčič, Project Director, Programmer A couple of days ago, I was getting so hyped up and excited for this year's E3, I couldn't even sl...

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Dragon Nest Is Getting Hardcore

1d 7h ago - Shanda Games today announced an exciting new update for Dragon Nest EU as the developers introduc... | PC

Dragon Nest – Game trailer for new character Lencea surfaces

10d ago - Scheduled to be added into the Korean server next month, the new Lancer class, or rather Lencea,... | PC

Top 10 Hottest Babes in MMO

15d ago - You’re not here to see read some long and trite introduction to this article. You’re also not her... | PC

Dragon Nest Movie: Warrior's Dawn MV - Gem of Love

17d ago - chaose5 said "Dragon Nest Movie, Warrior’s Dawn will be aired in China starting from 31st July 20... | PC

Filmwatch June Contests

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New Dragon Nest Movie Trailer for US Market Released

23d ago - Dragon Nest-based 3D movie Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn received a new trailer for Amerian market.... | PC

Dragon Nest Europe: World Championship Fever and Parallel Dimensions

30d ago - Shanda Games International has announced the latest patch for Dragon Nest Europe. Various events... | PC

Dragon Nest Korea New Class: Lencea Introduction & Skill Name

37d ago - Dragon Nest Korea New Class: Lencea Introduction & Skill Name. The 8th base class/job, Lencea wil... | PC

Dragon Nest Korea Summer Update Preview: Level 80 Cap, Lencea, Volcano Nest

37d ago - Dragon Nest Korea Summer Update Preview: Level 80 Cap, Lencea, Volcano Nest. Dragon Nest KR offic... | PC

Nexon’s Dragon Nest Is Headed To The Silver Screen

39d ago - One of Nexon’s main online games is its third-person action RPG Dragon Nest. The game is being ad... | Culture

Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn - Official English Trailer

55d ago - Dragon Nest: Warrior's Dawn - Official English Trailer. The movie will be aired on 31st July 2014... | PC

MMO-based Dragon Nest Movie to Be Released on July 31

58d ago - 3D Movie Dragon Nest: Warriors' Dawn (originally called Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon) is... | PC

The Top 5 MMORPGs Of Today

117d ago - Dear ladies and gentlefriends. Here is a small list of games we garnered for all you folks desper... | PC

Dragon Nest Europe Adds New Class Kali

145d ago - Publisher Shanda Games International Europe further enhances the free to play action MMORPG Drago... | PC

MMO-based Dragon Nest Movie Reveals New Pictures and Stills

171d ago - 3D Movie Dragon Nest: Rise of the Black Dragon is an adaption of the popular Action MMORPG Dragon... | PC

Browser-based Dragon Nest Got an Official Title – Dragon Nest Warriors

187d ago - The web version of Dragon Nest is going to have a beta starting on January 9. Its China publisher... | PC

Dragon Nest – Browser game to begin debut test phase next month

194d ago - According to China news website Duowan, the browser version of Dragon Nest will be entering its d... | PC

4 Films Based on Video Games Hitting Cinemas in 2014

194d ago - As video games often have settings, characters, and plots, they have often become the basis for H... | PS2

Dragon Nest – Major update sees the the arrival of the Black Dragon

205d ago - In a major game update yesterday, the Korean server for Dragon Nest welcomed its latest boss in t... | PC

Dragon Nest – Black Dragon Teaser

234d ago - EYEDENTITY Games and ActozSoft released a teaser trailer for an upcoming update for Dragon Nest K... | PC

New Dragon Nest Is Now Live in Taiwan

240d ago - Taiwanese game publisher Gameflier today has announced their action MMORPG Dragon Nest Taiwan ser... | PC

Watch Dogs Review

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Dragon Nest: Major Update Incoming

256d ago - NEXON American announced today the launch of a major update pack for Dragon Nest. This pack will... | PC

Dragon Nest Europe: The Night of the Pumpkin Duck

276d ago - Dragon Nest Europe, now published by Shanda Games International Europe, released a big update con... | iPhone

Dragon Nest – New content update today sees arrival of Mist Nest

303d ago - The regular content updates continues for Dragon Nest, with the latest Mist Nest set to challenge... | PC

Dragon Nest JP Costume Design Competition: Award-winning Works

330d ago - These award-winning costumes have been picked from Dragon Nest's JP third session of the Costume... | PC

Dragon Nest – Taiwan server shutting down this coming November

339d ago - It seems that Taiwanese developer and publisher, Gamania, can’t seem to hold games for long despi... | PC
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