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Dragon Age: Origins

- PC

Its been a long time coming since such an epic tale of dark fantasy has graced gaming fingertips around the world but on the 3rd of November the growing number of fans stood in silence as Dragon Age swooped down and once again Bioware has hit gaming gold and in my opinion, last years game of the year! Bioware certainly set the standard with the unaclaimed game of 2008 Mass Effect and now s...



Dragon Age: Origins

- Xbox 360

Dragon Age: Origins is an interesting, gripping, and wonderful game to play, and while the game itself is three years old, it still deserves some praise and critique, and I hope you'll indulge me on that front. I first heard of this game sometime in 2010, a month or two after Mass Effect 2 was released, but I had given it little attention. I wasn't really into roleplaying games at the time, and...

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Dragon Age: Origins

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