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Dragon Age: Origins Reviews  

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436d ago - Inquisition is everything we want from an RPG and more. Unfortunately the more is countless hours... | PC

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1640d ago - Excerpt: "The main Origins campaign has some pacing issues. The structure of the game is such tha... | PC

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1794d ago - A sequel that will doubtless split fans down the middle. WolfsGamingBlog offers an opinion on the... | PC

GameSector - Retrospective Review: Dragon Age Origins

1813d ago - GameSector writes: Ferelden is a world inhabited by arls, kings, darkspawn, and grey wardens; eac... | PC

Dragon Age Legends – Beta: A Resounding ‘Meh’

1845d ago - Starting up Dragon Age Legends, I was already hoping they would not ruin Dragon Age and actually... | PC

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1923d ago - Mana Pool: "Dragon Age: Origins is the (relatively) recent RPG offering from Bioware, described a... | PC

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1952d ago - Short review of Dragon Age DLC Witch Hunt. Includes pictures. | PC

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1982d ago - EG: It's a functional offering rather than an inspiring one. Hamstrung by the piecemeal nature of... | PC

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1982d ago - Rory Young of Game Rant writes: "If you’re looking to spend $7 for some closure in your Morrigan... | PC

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1983d ago - If you’re a fan of RPG’s, chances are you’ve played either or both of Bioware’s epic RPG’s, Mass... | PC

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1983d ago - Raymond Herrera of reviews the latest downloadable add-on, Witch Hunt, for BioWare’s... | PC

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1983d ago - GameSnark writes "This was the addition to Dragon Age: Origins I'd been waiting for - concluding... | PC
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1983d ago - reviews Bioware's latest Dragon Age Origins dlc, Witch Hunt. Is it a suitable... | PC

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1995d ago - Tina writes "There was something that was always very heartwarming about playing Dragon Age: Orig... | PC

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1996d ago - DLC (Downloadable Content) is always controversial; there can be no escaping this. Whether conten... | PC

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30° Golems of Amgarrak: Review

2012d ago - Golems of Amgarrak released today and after dusting off my Cousland, I tore through the new DLC.... | PC

Dragon Age Golems of Amgarrak DLC Review (

2012d ago - Raymond Herrera of reviews the latest golem filled downloadable add-on to one of Bio... | PC

Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening – Crush! Frag! Review! Flashback

2017d ago - CFD!'s Rob Thomas takes a look back to this spring and Dragon Age: Origin's first major expansion... | PC

Joystiq: Dragon Age: Origins - Leliana's Song Review

2038d ago - $7 for two hours of game still clocks well below a movie ticket and falls within a good price for... | PC

TSA Review: Leliana's Song

2039d ago - TheSixthAxis writes: This DLC will not appeal to all players of Dragon Age: Origins. Like the D... | Xbox 360
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Dragon Age: Origins

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