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25 Things About Me: Mario

2036d ago - Game Podunk explores 25 Things About Mario that gamers may or may not know. This series blends in... | 3,5,10,11

Nintendo must reinvent Mario for him to survive

2115d ago - Hard Line says "We all know Mario as the happy go-lucky, kiddy-friendly, mushroom munching p... | 3

The True History of Mario

2355d ago - CVG writes: "The Mario series has been rebooted more times than a duff computer, so can we e... | 3,5,10

Miyamato No Longer Sad, but Wants to Refute One Critiscm

2360d ago - Shigeru Miyamoto is no longer suffering the GameCube blues, we learned at E3. In fact, he's been... | 3,10,15

Video Game Characters Mt. Rushmore: Who is on Yours?

2419d ago - In the video game world there has been no such monument built so PWN or DIE thought it would be f... | 1,2,3,7,11

Top Five Nintendo Video Game Franchises

2450d ago - For over 20 years, Nintendo has created some of the best video game franchises in the industry. S... | 3,5,10

Merry ChristNES; Free 8 Bit Christmas Songs

2541d ago - Doctor Octoroc gives us 8-bit renditions of our favorite christmas themes... with a video game tw... | 1,2,3,7,11,12

Eurogamer Review: WiiWare Roundup

2735d ago - Eurogamer takes a look at a handful of WiiWare titles: "The long-awaited debut of WiiWare fi... | 3

Neener Neener, Last Game! or Why I Sometimes Love Nintendo's Archaic Online System

2737d ago - Today I came home and downloaded Dr. Mario RX (& Virus Buster) from Nintendo's recently launc... | 3

Dr. Mario & Germ Buster review (WiiWare World)

2745d ago - Dr. Mario was the perfect NES game. A bold, simple statement to start our review but never has a... | 3

The Ultimate WiiWare Guide at CheatCC - Wii Downloadable Games

2771d ago - Can't Wait for WiiWare? CheatCC have got the inside scoop on many of the launch titles for the ne... | 3
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