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Why Dota 2 is the Only Game that Does Free-To-Play Right

43d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Dota 2 really is the only game that does Free to Play right, that is, in a way th... | PC

Will e-sports overtake traditional sports?

44d ago - There's no denying that e-sports are bigger than ever. Could they possibly eclipse traditional sp... | PC

Step lightly, the Dota 2 Goblin Techies is here

46d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Valve has released an update that features the Goblin Techies, a hero that... | Dev

Techies hit Dota 2 RIGHT NOW

46d ago - IncGamers reports that the Techies update for Dota 2 - adding in the goblin demolitionists, as we... | PC

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

Gamerfunder brings the stock market to Dota 2

48d ago - GamerFunder aims to be the next big thing in Dota 2 by bringing the stock market to the community. | PC

The history of MOBAS: From mod to sensation

48d ago - Here’s how a StarCraft mod helped to shape the future of gaming. | PC

Is League Of Legends Trying To Shed Its Comic Book-Style Skin?

49d ago - For a long time now Riot's been introducing reskins for lots of old characters to freshen up game... | PC

Techies Update exploding onto Dota 2 next week

52d ago - IncGamers reports that the Techies Update, containing everyone's least-favourite explosion-fetish... | PC

6 Insane eSports Scandals

53d ago - Real life sports aren't the only ones with scandals. Check out these examples of eSport virtual d... | PC

Dota 2 heads to DreamHack Moscow

53d ago - Why you should be keeping a close eye on Russia’s next big eSports tournament. | PC

In the label: Dota 2 pros and official wizardwear

54d ago - How pro players are working with artists in the Dota 2 workshop to create custom gear for fans. | PC

DOTA vs. LOL: watch Chinese players on both sides talk about the rivalry

55d ago - Check out this video with Chinese LOL and Dota players talking about each others’ games, and the... | PC

Wow, These YouPorn Team Shirts Look Awesome

58d ago - Well folks, there you have it, the YouPorn eSports team jerseys have been unveiled, and they do l... | PC

Dota 2 combined with Pokemon is a thing now

59d ago - Someone is creating a Pokemon mod for the Dota 2 Workshop. | PC

Joe & Barry Play - Dota 2 (Part 2)

59d ago - Join the guys in a little more friendly competition. Both players take to mid lane to try and sil... | PC

Dota 2 custom maps are coming

60d ago - Dota 2 introduces the Alpha phase of Custom Games into the Workshop Tools reviving old favourites... | PC

Dota 2 Sven Support-Carry Guide

60d ago - One Angry Gamer "Defense of the Ancients 2 continues to steam roll through the gaming sphere as o... | PC

Former Dota 2 Champs Na'Vi Continue to Lose Players, Announce Puppey as a Free Agent

61d ago - After Na’Vi, former champion of Dota 2′s International Tournament, announced Monday that they wer... | PC

BurNIng and Rotk Retire

61d ago - Ian from Denkiphile: "This week saw the departure of two of the most legendary Chinese players, o... | PC

Joe & Barry Play - Dota 2

62d ago - Joe and Barry face off in a 1v1 game of the MOBA Dota 2. Who will win? | PC

Contests For N4G Members

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The water bottle and the other 4 things I liked about The International 4

62d ago - The International is a huge competitive gaming event. Game Crusaders attended for the first time... | PC

After Hours Gaming League Adds Three New Games

62d ago - The After Hours Gaming League, an annual charity gaming competition put on by former Starcraft pr... | PC

Pyrion Flax DOTA 2 charity stream raises over £14,000

63d ago - A charity livestream run by DOTA 2 personality Pyrion Flax has smashed its initial target, nettin... | PC

Kuroky Leaves Former Dota 2 International Champions Na’Vi

63d ago - In a surprise announcement, popular Dota 2 team, and perennial crowd favorite for the annual Inte... | PC

The 7 kinds of noobs you will encounter in Dota 2

65d ago - It doesn’t matter how good you are at Dota 2 now. At some point you were a noob. Some get out qui... | PC

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