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International Exclusionary Sports Federation: The Hearthstone Incident

586d ago ... Hell has officially frozen over. I am going to write a blog post that could be seen as defending a position akin to the feminist one, though only just barely. So for those of you that don't know, there is an organization known as the International e-Sports Federation dedicated to video game tournaments designed to promote competitive gaming as a legitimate sport. For 6 years now it has held...

My Love Affair With Dota 2

934d ago ... I'm the kind of person who loves to fall in love. It doesn't matter what it is, be it a girl, a song, an artist, a tv show or a game. The recent thing I've fallen in love with is Dota 2, and NO I DON'T WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH IT. It took a while for for me to appreciate the small things that make it different from other MOBAs, some of those small differences took time to get used to but now th...

DmC - Ninja Theory's repeated mistakes on the PS3

1252d ago ... To give you folks a bit of a back story on this blog, I went to PAX Prime this past weekend to help out at the Kingston Hyper X booth and also to watch the Dota 2 International at the Benaroya hall. But one thing I knew I had to do before the end of the convention was to try out DmC for various reasons: I have been skeptical of Ninja Theory taking over development since day 1 - you can find me...
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