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Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen Talks TI5 Predictions

1d 1h ago - Telkom Gaming caught up with Ben “Noxville” Steenhuisen to find out the reasoning behind his TI5... | PC

MOBA Fever Claims Yet Another Victim

3d ago - Oh great, it’s another one of those articles about a new MOBA player that’s shamelessly falling i... | PC

Help Myriad get through Steam Greenlight!

Now - Myriad is a twin-stick shooter that grows more beautiful the better you play, where you build and then destroy the game space in glorious chain rea... | Promoted post

Where is the World of eSports Heading?

7d ago - With the ever-growing popularity of games like League of Legends, Starcraft 2, and Dota 2, eSport... | PC

Indian Dota 2 Servers: They Suck And Valve Isn’t Doing Anything About Them

9d ago - Valve’s Dota 2 Indian servers which were announced at last year’s GameGod event have been up for... | PC

Valve Reverses Paid Mods - A Mistake?

9d ago - BNR: Surprise, everybody: Valve has decided to reverse paid mods; it's no longer possible to purc... | PC

Six changes we want to see in Dota’s 6.84 patch

14d ago - IceFrog is set to disturb the balance of Dota 2 once more, so what are the most anticipated changes? | PC

The Value Of Bots In Gaming

16d ago - Online standards are the foundation of so many of Valve’s online games that one begins to wonder... | PC

Hey Valve, when is the next Dota 2 patch due?

20d ago - There’s no denying it – I love Dota 2. The last balance patch though, 6.83 (the shifting snows up... | PC

Dota 2 vs Heroes of the Storm – There can be only one

35d ago - Jason Moth writes: "The other important difference is time. Dota 2 is a game that will eat up a l... | PC

The International 5: The unanswered questions

35d ago - Dota 2’s premiere tournament has already sold out, but what can we expect from it this year? | PC

I Don't Get MOBA Games (But that's okay)

43d ago - Wizard of Radical's Ray Porreca writes: "To be fair, I can almost see why so many people find the... | PC

5 Valve Games That Need To Be Compatible With The HTC Vive At Launch

50d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'In case you didn’t hear about it last weekend, Valve and HTC ha... | PC

Dipping a Toe into DOTA 2

51d ago - Vince from Awesome Games writes: 'After I quit World of Warcraft, I swore I would never again eng... | PC

Five Commandments for Free-to-Play Games

55d ago - BNR: Free-to-play games have picked up a lot of steam in the last few years; besides the massivel... | PC

Why are Multiplayer-only Games Such a Hard Sell? Just Ask Titanfall

56d ago - GamesRadar - Don't look at the first few months of a new year as a gaming dead zone; they're more... | Culture

Do MOBA’s make it harder to play other games?

56d ago - Sean Appleby wonders "Gaming primarily on PC for the last few years meant that I eventually fell... | PC

5 Best Native Linux Games

57d ago - Zac Davis from GameSkinny dished on the 5 best native Linux games available right now. | PC

Has Dota 2 Jumped the Shark With Their Recent Pay-to-Win Activity?

62d ago - Dota 2 is one of Valves's most popular mmo games. The moba was the first game on the Steam platfo... | PC

How to be the king of jukes in Dota 2

64d ago - Staying alive and creating space are the name of the game when you’re caught out by a gank. | PC

6 Ways to Be A Total Jerk in Games

65d ago - We've all seen those jerks in some of our games. Here are easy ways to make sure you aren't one o... | Culture

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The Five Best Online Games for When You’re Bored at the Office

70d ago - TK: Office lunch breaks can be boring if you don’t have company or are stuck in front of your com... | PC

How DotA 2 Nails Free-to-Play

78d ago - "ZL: The words “free-to-play” are often met with a fair amount of disdain–and it’s often deserved... | PC

Valve Need To Learn From Dota 2 Year Beast Event Problems

78d ago - AOTF: Periodically Valve celebrate a time of year with a Dota 2 event. However, this time around... | PC

Reasons Why Dota 2 Community is Getting Angry at Valve

79d ago - SegmentNext - "Forums are getting flooded with angry rants and the Dota 2 Reddit’s front page has... | PC

Does pro Dota even need a compendium anymore?

84d ago - It rocketed the DAC prize pool to the second highest in Dota history, but are compendiums really... | PC
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