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Doom 3 BFG Edition Previews  

Plus XP: Doom 3 BFG edition hands on

1201d ago - Randomman from Plus XP writes "At this year’s Eurogamer expo Id Software was showcasing Doom 3 BF... | PC

Hands-On Preview: DOOM 3: BFG Edition - Electronic Theatre

1211d ago - id Software are known for taking their time with delivering new software titles, with the widely... | PC

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GameStyle - Doom 3 BFG Edition preview

1217d ago - GameStyle - In an era of lavish and complex first person shooters it’s vital to remind ourselves... | PC

Games of October Arrive Without Warning - Horrible Night

1221d ago - The better late than never October preview from the staff of featuring a distin... | PC

The Gaming Vault Hands-On: Doom 3 BFG Edition (Xbox 360)

1224d ago - Its difficult to be angry or disappointed at Doom. Sure, it has the whole ‘godfather of the mode... | Xbox 360

DOOM 3 BFG Edition: Hands-on Preview | Explosion

1241d ago - "Doom 3 was a huge leap forward for the series when it came out in 2004. There had been an eight-... | PC

Co-Optimus: DOOM 3: BFG Edition Impressions, Co-Op Correction

1242d ago - Co-Optimus: Running Co-Optimus is definitely a unique task within this industry. It's not like o... | PC

Doom 3 BFG Edition - Legendary survival-horror title gets a facelift (Hooked Gamers)

1259d ago - Hooked Gamers writes: "With a whole slew of new tweaks, features, and content, the Doom 3 BFG Edi... | PC

Platform Nation: Hands-on with Doom 3: BFG Edition

1263d ago - Platform Nation: It’s comforting to know that some things will just always work. Some things like... | PC

Doom 3 BFG Edition Preview - TGH

1266d ago - "Doom may have been the biggest influence to the shooter genre, even if it’s become diluted thank... | PC

DOOM 3 BFG Edition Preview | GameDynamo

1268d ago - GameDynamo - "id Software is bringing the title back, with the name of DOOM 3 BFG Edition. Featur... | PC

OXM - Doom 3: BFG Edition Preview

1272d ago - OXM: "Doom 3 is returning to Xbox hardware. In 2005, Doom 3 was one of the last highprofile relea... | Xbox 360

QuakeCon 2012: Doom 3: BFG Edition Hands-on Preview (OXCGN)

1279d ago - OXCGN: "Rarely do you find a franchise more influential than Doom. The king of video game v... | Xbox 360

ShackNews: Exploring Virtual Reality in Doom 3 BFG

1280d ago - ShackNews: I really wasn't sure what to expect when I entered John Carmack's virtual reality demo... | PC

G4 - Doom 3: BFG Edition Hands-on Preview -- Back to (Beautified) Hell

1282d ago - G4: "We revisit id's terrifying vision of Hell, albeit a much shinier and prettier version than t... | PC

Koalition: Doom 3 BFG Edition – Hands-On Impressions and Preview

1283d ago - Koalition: While Doom 3 originally came out way back in 2004 on the PC and was later ported to ot... | PC

1up - Doom 3: BFG Edition Hands-On

1283d ago - 1up - Id Software brings its signature franchise back from the dead in our hands-on preview from... | PC

Destructoid Preview: Going to hell in Doom 3's Lost Mission

1284d ago - Destructoid: "In 2004, Doom 3 was a disappointment. It neither captured the speed of the original... | PC

Gamers@Play Doom 3 BFG Edition Preview

1300d ago - Dust off your Plasma Rifle, Rev up your Chainsaw and Break Out the Man-Diapers – Doom 3 is Back... | PC

Thunderbolt: Doom 3 BFG Edition hands-on

1303d ago - Thunderbolt: In 2004, id software released Doom 3, asking players to wander around absurdly dark... | PC

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E3 2012: Doom 3 BFG Hands On | VGRevolution

1338d ago - VGR: Entering into the booth they had a 3D version of the game and the regular version. I started... | PC

E3 2012: Doom 3: BFG Edition Melts Your Retinas in Stereoscopic 3D - IGN

1343d ago - IGN: When John Carmack gets antsy, we gamers reap the benefits. The id Software programming... | PC
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Doom 3 BFG Edition

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