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Falcon Kick Gaming: Life Is Strange Episode 1: Chrysalis Review

31d ago - Hey everybody! So DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind Remember Me, has just released their n... | PC

Main Character's Gender Irrelevant to Creating a Good Story, Life is Strange Dev Says

31d ago - Life Is Strange developer Dontnod thinks that the gender of a main character in a game is irrelev... | PC

Dontnod reveals horror RPG 'Vampyr'

43d ago - Remember Me developer Dontnod Entertainment has revealed its next game Vampyr, an upcoming horror... | PC

Life is Strange Trailer and Developer Diary 2, Devs Talk About the Idea Behind LiS

51d ago - The developers behind Life is Strange, Dontnod Entertainment, have released another Developer Dia... | Industry

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D (3DS) Review

Now - Dave revisits this polarizing Zelda game for the 3DS. | Promoted post

New PS4/Xbox One RPG In The Works at Remember Me Developer Dontnod Entertainment

96d ago - Dontnod entertainment is currently hard at work on Life is Strange, but apparently they have some... | PS4

Life is Strange Exclusive Interview with DONTNOD

171d ago - Connected Digital World writes: One of the most interesting games I saw at Gamescom was Life is S... | PS4

Life Is Strange screenshots

174d ago - Latest look at Dontnod's downloadable episodic game. | PC

Life Is Strange Isn't As Odd As it First Sounds | TGH

192d ago - Vaughn Highfield of TheGamersHub writes: "Dontnod are known for doing things a little bit differ... | PC

Remember Me dev Dontnod and Square Enix collaborating on new digital game

269d ago - Remember Me developer Dontnod Entertainment is collaborating with publisher Square Enix on a new... | Industry

Dontnod Entertainment CEO Dismisses Bankruptcy Rumors, In “Close Negotiations” For their Next Game

397d ago - Dontnod Entertainment, developers of last year’s science-fiction action game, Remember Me, have d... | Xbox 360

Review: Remember Me [eGamer]

607d ago - From eGamer, "Remember Me is a game that succeeds in parts and fails in others, which is quite a... | PC

Remember Me – In Memoriam

627d ago - The author likes Remember Me and demands you do so as well. | Xbox 360

Adrift No Longer AAA PS3 Exclusive, Coming To Xbox 360

1295d ago - NowGamer: Dontnod's console action game finally revealed. | Xbox 360

Dontnod outlines “global-scale” console game

1332d ago - Gema: "Dontnod Entertainment outlined its first video game “on console” in a press release today.... | Xbox 360

PS3-Exclusive AAA Action-RPG To Debut At E3

1381d ago - NowGamer: Dontnod, a studio formed by ex-Criterion and Ubisoft staffers, will be in attendance at... | PS3

DontNod confirmed attendence at E3-PS3 Exclusive ADRIFT reveal imminent

1409d ago - Dontnod Entertainment has confirmed their attendance at this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo... | Dev

DONTNOD Heading To E3

1409d ago - You may be wondering: “Who is DONTNOD? Why are they so important?” To be terse DONTNOD Entertainm... | PS3
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