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Donkey Kong Reviews  

Review: Donkey Kong: Original Edition (3DS eShop / NES) - NLife

493d ago - NLife: "The legendary arcade title Donkey Kong is slightly infamous for receiving a rather botch... | Retro

Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Review -

697d ago - Now, most people were hoping for a new Metroid game from Retro Studios, and when Donkey Kong Cou... | Wii U

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Nintendo Life - Donkey Kong Review

896d ago - Nintendo Life - This year marked the 30th anniversary of the initial Japanese launch of the Ninte... | 3DS

Donkey Kong Retro Review I Play Legit

917d ago - "The music and sound will take the player back into a plethora of memories. It really is a good... | Arcade

The Video Craze brings the classic arcade scene to life in true 80s fashion

923d ago - ANOTHER retro arcade documentary? Yep. Does it do something the others haven't? Oh yeah. Fi... | Arcade

Nintendo Life - Donkey Kong Review

933d ago - Nintendo Life - This month marks the 30th anniversary of the initial Japanese launch of the Ninte... | Wii U

WiiUonly- Review: Donkey Kong (Wii U Virtual Console)

937d ago - Until July 2013, Nintendo is celebrating the 30th anniversary of the Famicom by releasing "classi... | Wii U

GamesRadar - Donkey Kong 3DS review

1666d ago - GamesRadar - When we first heard the 3DS would offer downloadable Game Boy titles, the first thin... | 3DS

Donkey Kong ’94 reviewed: how high will this score? (3DS Tribe)

1686d ago - "The eShop recently threw Donkey Kong ’94 our way and we accepted its challenge. Mangled and maul... | Retro

Donkey Kong for 3DS eShop and Game Boy Review at Video Game Cowboys

1690d ago - Nickerous writes, "Nintendo has a history of re-releasing games for different platforms, so when... | Retro

Nintendo Life 3DS Virtual Console: Donkey Kong (Gameboy)

1695d ago - In 1994, Nintendo had a great idea; why not make a true sequel to the original Donkey Kong arcade... | Retro

Donkey Kong Review (Modojo)

1697d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): Nintendo had the daunting task of following the impressive eShop launch, an... | 3DS

Review: Donkey Kong | Digitally Downloaded

1697d ago - It’s another quality trip down the nostalgia path, and Donkey Kong is a reasonable purchase for b... | 3DS

Nes-Bit: Donkey Kong Jr. Math Review

1741d ago - From the early days of the NES, Nintendo clearly did their best to cover all bases and not even t... | Wii

Hooked Gamers Junior Review - Mario vs. Donkey Kong:Mini Land Mayhem

1790d ago - Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Mini Land Mayhem is different from recent Mario games in that it is a plat... | Nintendo DS
10° Review - Donkey Kong Country Returns

1892d ago - Back in the times when side-scrollers were king, the object of many games was to try to finish as... | Wii

CapsuleComputers- Donkey Kong Country Returns review

1893d ago - Sixteen years ago, Donkey Kong Country took the world by storm on the Super Nintendo providing a... | Wii

RunDLC: Donkey Kong (VC) Review

2215d ago - RunDLC writes: "Donkey Kong's one of Nintendo's toughest games. It doesn't look difficult,... | 3
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Donkey Kong

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