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IGN - Which Kong is King?

1184d ago - IGN - The Kong family is quite large and diverse. As IGN Nintendo continues to celebrate the fran... | Wii

IGN - The Many Faces of Donkey Kong

1185d ago - IGN - We all know Donkey Kong as Mario's first real villain. He's been around since before the pl... | Wii

Top 5 Video Game Soundtracks

1200d ago - TGS: "Turn your speakers up, strip naked and slide onto your dance floor. This is my Top 5 Video... | GameCube

Iconic Video Game Franchises Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries This Year

1221d ago - The Legend of Zelda, Halo, Grand Theft Auto and many more. It seems a ton of legendary game franc... | Retro

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

In 1983, Donkey Kong Nearly Died

1332d ago - The game that gave us Mario could have been ruined by King Kong loving Universal. | Arcade

The Secret History of Donkey Kong

1337d ago - Gamasutra: As we reach the 30-year anniversary of the title that made Shigeru Miyamoto a supersta... | Retro

We Are Not Robots: Jason’s Gaming History | That Gamer Hub

1385d ago - "A long time ago in a— no wait, that opening has been taken. Okay never mind, I have a better one... | Nintendo DS

Time Killer: Donkey Kong Arcade Return [Gaming Dead]

1400d ago - Ken at Gaming Dead writes: "No gimmicks, no tricks, just JUMP THE BARREL! Someone finally hear... | PC

TRON ’80s Nostalgia Entices Older Gamers to Go Retro with Custom Dream Arcades

1417d ago - There are over 1.5 billion gamers in the world today. And a large number of them, like myself, gr... | Arcade

Retro Reviews : The Nintendo Game Boy

1436d ago - This time Retrobear embarks on a journey of tiny screens, funny shaped and coloured moulded plast... | Mobile

Steve Wiebe tries to become the Donkey Kong champ once again and the result was...

1505d ago - Ian Fisher writes: Steve hasn’t exactly outwardly displayed the same level of zeal and fortitude... | Arcade

Donkey Kong's Biggest Blunders

1614d ago - BMC: How could you not love Donkey Kong? He's provided us with countless hours of entertainment,... | GameCube

Why Donkey Kong is the Most Important Video Game Ever Made

1635d ago - You’d be surprised how wide the sphere of Donkey Kong’s influence spreads. Just off the top of ou... | GameCube

The Shortest Games Ever: Speed Run Edition

1658d ago - NowGamer checks out some insane speed runs of Oblivion, Braid, Fallout, Mario Bros. and more. Som... | Culture

Game Podunk - 25 Things About Me: Donkey Kong

1791d ago - Game Podunk is back with its hit series 25 Things About Me featuring Donkey Kong! Come read some... | 3,5,10

Nintendo In 2010: What To Expect

1856d ago - TheGamersHub Writes: "Nintendo has a tough uphill battle to win back the hardcore gamer, s... | 3,5,11
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