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January to March In Scope, Part 1

740d ago ... This is my tenth blog on N4G and I figure what better way to celebrate than to take a look back from the first few months of 2013 and all that the video game industry and beyond has brought us. It certainly has been an eventful three months, so I have chosen a variety of moments that seemed to shake up the industry or were just memorable for myself. It will be the good, the bad, and the ugly be...

Why Reboots Could Spell The End of Older Franchises.

816d ago ... It should come as no surprise the subject that got me to write this blog. DmC of course. But I'm not even going to talk about the actual game itself, instead I'm going to talk about the concept of a reboot (necessary or not) and why developers like Capcom are lying through their teeth. Reboots have been used in all mediums as a way of reintroducing a formerly (or in some cases still currentl...

DmC and How it Brought Out Some Curiosities of the Gaming World

819d ago ... It's no secret what I think of DmC. I've actually commented FAR too much on it lately. I've allowed zeal to overcome the sense of direction I had when first starting to talk about what's wrong with the game. To that end, I'm not going to comment on DmC review articles anymore unless the reviewer has a general douchebag tone about them. I only do myself, and those gamers who have real issues wit...

DmC - Similar with much to get used to

949d ago ... This is part 2 of my DmC PAX 2012 experience. In my previous blog I wrote my story of going to PAX and trying out the game. - I was very displeased with the games' engine on the PS3. It didn't feel very smooth as it looks on the videos and from the looks of it, the game appeared to run better on the 360 version -...

DmC - Ninja Theory's repeated mistakes on the PS3

956d ago ... To give you folks a bit of a back story on this blog, I went to PAX Prime this past weekend to help out at the Kingston Hyper X booth and also to watch the Dota 2 International at the Benaroya hall. But one thing I knew I had to do before the end of the convention was to try out DmC for various reasons: I have been skeptical of Ninja Theory taking over development since day 1 - you can find me...

Top reasons why DmC is going in the wrong direction.

992d ago ... It's been a while since the new Devil May Cry named "DmC" has been announced and trailers, interviews and all kinds of articles have been fairly abundant this year. It's been quite the topic of discussion for fans of the established franchise, with the majority being against the work that Ninja Theory has been doing with CAPCOM. While the game slowly nears its release next year, it can still...

Collectors Editions' of Future Games

1207d ago ... So I was looking at some future games that I want and was wondering, "Hey I wonder if these company's know what we want in collectors edition of games and know if we want them." So here are the 5 games I would like to see get collector's editions and what I would like to see in them. 1)The Last Guardian This is a game that Sony can make a limited amount of collector's editions and know th...

GT5 Prologue has longer install time than DMC4 (~35mins)

2556d ago ... If you have bought the Blu-ray version of GT5 prologue yet you are in for a treat, an approximate ~35 min install process that includes both the game and a patch. So grab that sandwich and install DMC 1.75 times before GT5 Prologue is done.

DMC 4 for 40 bucks brand new!?!

2595d ago ... Just ordered DMC4.
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