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D Pad D Bags Podcast - Episode 127: DmC, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, and Borderlands

904d ago - With a long overdue trip back to the jungle of on the docket, we fuel up and play one... | PC

Similarities between DmC and classic Devil May Cry titles (gallery)

905d ago - The rebooted Devil May Cry takes the series in a new direction but retains popular characters, tr... | Culture

A Closer Look at Cuphead

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The Game Podunkast - Episode 1: Heroes of Marmight and Magic

905d ago - Episode 1 of Game Podunk's official community podcast, starring various members of the community... | PC

DMC Devil May Cry Gameplay Commentary

907d ago - Have you been considering grabbing the latest addition to one of Capcom’s most successful franchi... | PC

The Daily Hotness: Which Dante is best?

908d ago - So Spencer Hayes and co. took to the streets of San Francisco to find out which Dante is best, Dm... | PC

Bago Replay - Ni No Kuni Wizard's Edition Oversold, THQ Assets Auctioned Off (Jan. 21 - 27)

908d ago - Bago Replay is our weekly show recapping this weeks hottest news stories, exclusive reviews and o... | Xbox 360

Annoyed Gamer: Sony’s Silly Secrets

908d ago - Marcus loses his patience as Sony plays coy with the PlayStation 4 | Culture

DmC Devil May Cry - Accolade Trailer

908d ago - Watch what the critics had to say about DmC Devil May Cry. | PC

DmC Devil May Cry - SweetFX vs Vanilla Comparison

908d ago - DSOGaming writes: "We’ve got to admit that SweetFX is a really… sweet tool that most of you proba... | PC

The Throwdown #23

909d ago - Previously on STFUandPLAY STFUandPLAY still in beast mode PC vs Consoles war rears its ugly h... | PC

LVL 80; 480 Platinums & 800 Games Shown Live

909d ago - *DmC* *SPOILERS* In this video you are going to watch Hakoom unlock lvl 80 with DmC: Devil May C... | PS3

Thundercast Episode 7 - Dead Space 3 Demo Impressions and the Thunderbolt Forumers’ Games of 2012

909d ago - Matt Sawrey, Thunderbolt writes: Plasma tools at the ready listeners, because it’s time to disse... | PC

N4G Radio 1/28/2013

910d ago - The guys go off the rails early and channel the spirit of Scott Stapp and reminiscing about VHS t... | PC

Super Joystiq Podcast 035: Devil May Cry, GTA V wishlist, Disney Infinity

911d ago - Joystiq - DmC: Devil May Cry may be one of the only big releases this week, but it's hard to comp... | Culture

DmC: Easy Achievements - IGN_Strategize

911d ago - IGN - Being a Nephilim ain't easy. Thankfully these achievements are. Jess is here to cover three... | Xbox 360

Game Informer - Test Chamber – Devil May Cry (Dante Must Die Mode)

911d ago - Game Informer - A couple of weeks ago, we posted an episode of Test Chamber dedicated to the Devi... | Xbox 360

A Band of Gamers : Episode 12 - Slow Priests

911d ago - You'll get more than you bargained for this time around. Bill betrays his family, exploits his so... | Industry

DmC: Devil May Cry Review: Fresh Perspective

912d ago - A look at the new DmC game with a little in depth expositio into why the game became what it is (... | PC

DmC: Devil May Cry is Awesome

912d ago - VGA writes: We’re a sexy, angel banging, teen throbbing, demon hunter named Dante, and we’re... | PC

Watch This Guy Laugh In The Face Of DmC’s Highest Difficulty

912d ago - Kotaku: Insert obligatory opening sentence about how some people are upset about how DmC is easie... | PC


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DmC Devil May Cry - Combat Overview Part 2

913d ago - Capcom writes: "A surface look at some of the game's more advanced combat techniques, includin... | PC

CGPodcast January 25 2013

913d ago - This week the C&G Crew talk about THQ, and Atari. Wayne goes into detail on why DmC is not as goo... | Xbox 360

DmC Devil May Cry - 60fps Comparison

913d ago - Can you say 60 frames per second? The devil is in the details when Gametrailers compare the styli... | PC

Episode 126: DmC, XCOM, and The Unfinished Swan

913d ago - Their first podcast after the Presidential Inauguration is a very official one. Holding Hulk Hoga... | PC

Killer Bits Ep.7 - DmC: Devil May Cry Review and 2013 Preview

914d ago - In this episode the Killer Bits team check out all the essential hardware and games everyone will... | PC

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