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10 Protagonists Who Ruined Great Games

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Devil May Cry Gets an Exciting Sons of Sparda Fan Feature

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DmC's Dante is a Bad Character

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Fan Versus Artist: Fandoms Do Not Own IP

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Lost Planet 3, Remember Me, DmC, RE: Revelations Each $20 at Capcom Store

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Brocast Episode 16

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The Music Of DmC Is Here To Destroy Your Ancient, Warping Mixtapes

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Franchise Wars: Episode 1 – Annual Anarchy

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Maybe We Should Let Japanese Games Be Japanese

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DmC Devil May Cry Developer’s Co-Founder “Can Empathize With” Phil Fish

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Then and Now: The Devil May Cry Series

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Udon to bring Breath of Fire, DMC artbooks in 2014

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Canadian Video Game Deals & Sales: July 19th – 25th, 2013 – PS3 for $99 With 5 Trades

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DmC: Devil May Cry

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