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BeefJack: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2134d ago - BeefJack writes: "I can only imagine what sort of conversation led to the creation of this g... | 4

Official Playstation Magazine - Review Scores (UK) [October: Issue 36]

2134d ago - PS3 Vault: "As we reported last month, OPM UK exclusively reviewed Batman: AA and gave a... | 1,2,4,11

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Select/Start Games Review: Final Fantasy: Dissidia

2135d ago - Select/Start Games Writes: "Final Fantasy: Dissidia, is a rather easy game to describe, but... | 4

JPS- Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2136d ago - JPS Writes: "Overall, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a pretty underwhelming experience. It's a... | 4

VGChartz: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2139d ago - VGChartz writes: "The game could have had a better storyline, and players who are not fans o... | 4

RPGSite Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2141d ago - There are some downsides - a lack of depth outside of battle, a limited but still awesome soundtr... | 4

1UP Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

2147d ago - Say what you want about Square Enix's output -- lord knows they try to be different. For Dissidia... | 4

IGN: Dissidia Final Fantasy Sony PSP Review - Video Review

2152d ago - IGN writes: "Find out if this classic clash of light and darkness has been worth the wait.&q... | 4

Ripten Review - Final Fantasy: Dissidia

2281d ago - Ripten writes: "I decided after getting my Japanese stimulus check that I should use it for... | 4

Kotaku: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Import Review

2380d ago - Kotaku writes: "When we were children, we wanted two things: a Super Mario Bros. movie... | 4
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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Average Score 8.2 Reviews(35)
Release Dates
Arcade Release Dates
PSP Release Dates
JP 18 December 2008
EU 04 September 2009
US 25 August 2009
AU 03 September 2009