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BeefJack: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2279d ago - BeefJack writes: "I can only imagine what sort of conversation led to the creation of this g... | 4

Official Playstation Magazine - Review Scores (UK) [October: Issue 36]

2279d ago - PS3 Vault: "As we reported last month, OPM UK exclusively reviewed Batman: AA and gave a... | 1,2,4,11

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Select/Start Games Review: Final Fantasy: Dissidia

2280d ago - Select/Start Games Writes: "Final Fantasy: Dissidia, is a rather easy game to describe, but... | 4

JPS- Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2281d ago - JPS Writes: "Overall, Dissidia: Final Fantasy is a pretty underwhelming experience. It's a... | 4

VGChartz: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2284d ago - VGChartz writes: "The game could have had a better storyline, and players who are not fans o... | 4

RPGSite Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

2286d ago - There are some downsides - a lack of depth outside of battle, a limited but still awesome soundtr... | 4

1UP Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

2292d ago - Say what you want about Square Enix's output -- lord knows they try to be different. For Dissidia... | 4

IGN: Dissidia Final Fantasy Sony PSP Review - Video Review

2297d ago - IGN writes: "Find out if this classic clash of light and darkness has been worth the wait.&q... | 4

Ripten Review - Final Fantasy: Dissidia

2426d ago - Ripten writes: "I decided after getting my Japanese stimulus check that I should use it for... | 4

Kotaku: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Import Review

2525d ago - Kotaku writes: "When we were children, we wanted two things: a Super Mario Bros. movie... | 4
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Dissidia Final Fantasy

Average Score 8.2 Reviews(35)
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