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Game-Pad: Dissidia:Final Fantasy Review

1588d ago - A fighting game with all your favourite Final Fantasy characters and some Kingdom Hearts style co... | 4

Gamebosh: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1589d ago - Dissidia is a lovingly crafted and refreshingly challenging 3D, fighter and RPG hybrid. If you ca... | 4

The Armchair Empire: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

1601d ago - J'Tonello: "There's a couple of music tracks from each game which further heightens the nost... | 4

DGS-Online: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1611d ago - DGS-Online writes: "Through the years, Square has released several titles fights, like Bushi... | 4

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Game Guys Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy

1628d ago - Game Guys writes: "Last year Konami released a fighting game for the Wii featuring character... | 4

Games Toaster: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

1629d ago - As a brawler Dissidia Final Fantasy is a solid title which manages to impress even when it's shor... | 4

Gaming Shenanigans: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1630d ago - Final Fantasy is a series born out of pure adventure. Fighting played the yang to the yin of expl... | 4

De Telegraaf: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1632d ago - De Telegraaf writes: "In an attempt to two genres, role playing and fighting together to mel... | 4

Binge Gamer: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1633d ago - Binge Gamer writes: "I've had a whole month to play Dissidia: Final Fantasy, the newest cash... | 4

The A.V. Club: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

1643d ago - The A.V. Club writes: "Final Fantasy has always succeeded by making the ludicrous seem logic... | 4

411mania: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1645d ago - Dissidia gives you everything you could want in a game and lets you take it anywhere with you. Be... | 4

Gamer 2.0 Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy

1646d ago - Gamer 2.0 writes: "Final Fantasy is one of the most beloved franchises in all of gaming. Wi... | 4

Game Revolution: Dissidia - Final Fantasy Review

1649d ago - Game Revolution writes: "All right, let's rip the band-aid off this one quick: If you're a f... | 4

Dissidia Final Fantasy Review | The Portable Gamer

1650d ago - TPG writes: "It's an idea that's long overdue; Final Fantasy characters in a fighting game?... | 4

GamingBolt: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1653d ago - GB writes: "Dissidia: Final Fantasy is Square Enix's compilation of heroes and villains from... | 4

GameInformer: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1656d ago - GameInformer writes: "Discussions about which popular video game characters could beat other... | 4

Gamez: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1659d ago - Gamez writes: "This Square Enix has hit a gold vein in the mine action-RPG with Kingdom Hear... | 4

Blogcritics: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

1659d ago - Dissidia: Final Fantasy takes a lot of big risks, and for Square Enix those risks paid off. While... | 4

Gamertell Review: Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PSP

1661d ago - Gamertell has posted a positive review of Square Enix's Dissidia: Final Fantasy for PSP. Fr... | 4

Team Teabag: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1662d ago - Throw in a whole host of collectables, unlockable characters, abilities, items and bonuses for ex... | 4

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YLG: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

1663d ago - In keeping with all the Japanese artistry and flair in the game, the plot is suitably flamboyant.... | 4

GamesWeasel: Dissidia Final Fantasy Review

1663d ago - Combat is fun and slick but sometimes the camera points the wrong way and when you try to lock on... | 4

Gamer Limit Review: Dissidia Final Fantasy

1663d ago - Gamer Limit writes: "When one thinks of a "fan service," not often does one think... | 4

Empire: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Review

1664d ago - Empire writes: "While it may seem like game over for the PSP in the face of Nintendo's renew... | 4

Blast: Dissidia: Final Fantasy review

1664d ago - Blast: Dissidia is the culmination of the first ten Final Fantasy main series games. Rather than... | 4

Dissidia Final Fantasy

Average Score 8.3 Reviews(98)
Release Dates
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JP 18 December 2008
US 25 August 2009
AU 03 September 2009
EU 04 September 2009