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YourEMGN: Final Fantasy XIII | Preview

1693d ago - The concept for Final Fantasy XIII's battle system is to maintain the strategic nature of command... | 1,2

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Tidus and Kuja

1697d ago - With only two days to go until the English release of Dissidia, One Last Continue takes a look at... | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Bartz and Exdeath

1704d ago - It's Mime vs. Void Master as the hero and villain of Final Fantasy V square off in this week's Di... | 4

Gamed: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview

1705d ago - Gamed writes: "With Dissidia: Final Fantasy Square-Enix developed a fighting game for the Pl... | 4

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Gamer 2.0 Impressions: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

1705d ago - Gamer 2.0 writes: "Dissidia: Final Fantasy is probably the most-awaited game on the PSP, if... | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Cloud Strife and Terra Branford

1712d ago - This week, it's Cloud and Terra on the chopping block! Will Dissidia finally put an end to the e... | 4

GGTL Demo Impressions: Dissidia Final Fantasy

1722d ago - Taking a look at the PSP demo of the latest from Square Enix, Dissidia Final Fantasy, Gamer's Gui... | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Squall and Kefka

1725d ago - This week, Kefka and Squall pass under the spotlight. | 4

Diehard GameFAN: Dissidia Final Fantasy Preview

1727d ago - Now it should be noted that the demo seems to be nothing more than a tutorial for the game's comb... | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Zidane and Garland

1732d ago - Dissidia's out in just over a month. One Last Continue's got character breakdowns on two of the... | 4

Giant Bomb: Quick Look: Dissidia: Final Fantasy

1733d ago - Dissidia is a fast-paced fighting game with exaggerated action sequences featuring characters fro... | 4

GameZone: Dissidia Final Fantasy Preview

1733d ago - GameZone writes: "Dissidia is shaping up to be a fine action game that does a great amount o... | 4

IGN: Dissidia Final Fantasy Preview

1734d ago - IGN writes: "Besides the aforementioned issues, Dissidia is a very fun game and one that I t... | 4

G4TV: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview (US Version)

1734d ago - G4TV writes: "I've already put Dissidia: Final Fantasy on my must-have list on the PSP after... | 4

RPGamer: Dissidia Final Fantasy Impressions

1735d ago - RPGamer's visit to Square Enix included a four-match demonstration of Dissidia: Final Fantasy. Ta... | 4

RPGamer: Dissidia Final Fantasy Second Impressions

1735d ago - In the arcade mode there were a few options for character selection such as Cloud, Cecil, Onion K... | 4

GameSpot: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Updated Hands-On

1736d ago - GameSpot writes: "Dissidia Final Fantasy is clearly aimed at the fans, so you can play as th... | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Spotlight - Jecht

1738d ago - By popular request, One Last Continue takes a look at Dissidia's Jecht. | 4

PALGN: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview

1738d ago - PALGN writes: " It's a common debate between gamers as to which of any two videogame charact... | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Hands-On Preview at CheatCC

1742d ago - CheatCC says, "Dissidia: Final Fantasy is certainly looking like a promising title, and as t... | 4

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Cecil Harvey

1746d ago - One Last Continue takes an in-depth look at Cecil Harvey from Dissidia: Final Fantasy. | 4

Dissidia: Final Fantasy Character Spotlight - Sephiroth

1753d ago - While it's no big surprise that Sephiroth is in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, many might not know how... | 4

RPGSite Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview

1766d ago - With a Western release finally on the cards, Dissidia is the birthday party Final Fantasy fans ha... | 33,4

Gamer 2.0 E3 2009: Dissidia: Final Fantasy Preview

1769d ago - Gamer 2.0 writes: "The argument over which Final Fantasy is the best will never end, but the... | 33,4

IncGamers Preview - Dissidia: Final Fantasy

1771d ago - IncGamers' Tim McDonald gets a look at forthcoming Square-Enix fighting game Dissidia: Final Fant... | 33,4

Dissidia Final Fantasy

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