Dev of the Day : Cowardly Creations
  At a Glance: Cowardly Creations

Cowardly Creations is a four man indie group from Maribor, Slovenia and Sweden. They are currently working on a survival horror game, Uncanny Valle...

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Wheres My Water 2 Gameplay Walkthrough

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Ducktales Remastered Review | PlayStationer

318d ago - The care gone into this remake is immediately obvious, all the areas are full of bright colours a... | PS3

Disney Magic Comes To Life With Video Game Technology - Jonathan Ackley Interview

322d ago - Walt Disney Imagineer Jonathan Ackley explains how he utilizes his game development background to... | Arcade

Classic Disney Games That Need Remakes

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Filmwatch June Contests

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Disney Infinity Toy Box Incredibles Walkthrough Video

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Disney Platformers (Part 2: Castle of Illusion, Sega) - Video Retrospective

331d ago - (Turn on cpations in the video) In the early 90s there is probably no studio that is looking f... | PC

Pixelitis Picks: Disney games that could use a remaster

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Wreck It Ralph’s Fix-It-Felix Jr Now Picking Up The Pieces On The Sega Genesis

339d ago - Remember that suitably retro looking Wreck It Ralph arcade cabinet that made it’s way to E3 last... | Culture

Disney Infinity Interview with Disney’s John Day

340d ago - "We talk with Disney and Avalanche Studios’ John Day about Disney Infinity, a game that isn’t jus... | PC

Planes Star Dane Cook Talks Video Games

343d ago - - In Los Angeles, Disney's Planes star Dane Cook talks about going virtual as Dusty C... | Nintendo DS

Is There A New Star Wars Game In The Works At EA? Besides Battlefront

348d ago - Analog Addiction: "Several domain names for what appears to be a new Star Wars project have been... | Industry

Star Wars Attack Squadron Incoming

348d ago - Disney registers some Star Wars names. | Culture

Top 5 Disney Games on iPhone

361d ago - Quality Index investigates the very best Disney games on iPhone. | iPhone

5 Reasons Why Disney Infinity Will Reinvigorate Your Love for Gaming

362d ago - Disney Infinity is Disney's answer to unoriginal and uninspired gaming. It's set to make you love... | Wii

Kingdom Hearts Limited Stage at D23 Event

372d ago - Disney’s first ever D23 Expo will be held in Japan this October, and for the first time ever Squa... | PS4

GDC Next to feature talks from Adam Orth, thatgamecompany, Disney

387d ago - GDC Next will feature talks from former Microsoft game director Adam Orth, thatgamecompany and Di... | Tech

Disney Where's My Mickey Mobile Game Interview From E3 2013 - Gamerhubtv

388d ago - At E3 2013, Disney Mobile offered a sneak peak of Where's My Mickey, the first mobile game featur... | Mobile

E3 2013: Disney Infinity video interview

393d ago - Disney's upcoming game, Disney Infinity, is probably one of the more ambitious games at the E3 sh... | E3

E3 2013: Kingdom Hearts’ Creator Speaks on Disney’s Recent Acquisitions

394d ago - IGN: "There’ve been a handful of mornings over the past few years where Tetsuya Nomura, creator o... | PS4

Watch Dogs Review

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The Potential of Kingdom Hearts 3 Thanks to Disney's Fat Wallet

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Disney Fantasia Music Evolved Preview Interview With Harmonix Daniel Sussman - Gamerhubtv

402d ago - Walt Disney's music masterpiece continues with Harmonix at the helm of Fantasia: Music Evolved. P... | Xbox 360

Disney’s Fantasia: Music Evolved Announced

402d ago - Disney have announced a brand new musically inspired game that will come to both Xbox 360 and Xbo... | Xbox 360

Harmonix Teams Up with Disney to Release Fantasia: Music Evolved

402d ago - Harmonix has teamed up with Disney to create a dance game inspired by Fantasia. | Xbox 360

tGI Retro Wednesdays - When Disney Games Were Great

408d ago - Ryan, Dan, Carl and Lily dust off their copies of Crash Team Racing and Mickey’s Wild Adventure f... | Retro