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Predicting the Worlds of Kingdom Hearts III

68d ago - Part of the fun of being a fan of something is looking way too deep into stuff and theorizing abo... | PS4

Marvel Video Games: Triple Age of Ultron

129d ago - Rather than running around, waving our hands in the air and shouting about the new Star Wars: Bat... | PC

Win a Pro-Painted Ghorgon!

Now - Turbo Tape Games is pleased to announce a contest for an exclusive Ghorgon miniature hand-painted by Dave Taylor! | Promoted post

Make it a (Virtual) Reality: TRON

141d ago - VRFocus returns to its 'Make It a (Virtual) Reality' column to discuss how to bring TRON, which h... | Culture

'Kingdom Hearts III' 5 Features Fans Want Most: Release Date, Worlds, Story And Gameplay Discussed

196d ago - Christopher Groux: "Kingdom Hearts III is one of this console generation's most anticipated titl... | PS4

Is Disney going to rip off Video Game High School?

220d ago - Disney's newly announced show Gamer's Guide to Everything has a lot of similarities to the popula... | Culture

Kingdom Hearts Destroyed the Necessity for Disney Worlds by Building its Own Mythos

263d ago - Zachary from Save/Continue says, "When Kingdom Hearts was first revealed way back at the turn of... | PS2

Disney catalogue now on Steam - what will I be buying?

326d ago - Jonathon Sadowski trawls through the newly released Disney back catalogue on Steam and tries to u... | PC

Investing in Video Games Part 4: Disney Is Blistering Hot But Dont Get Burned

352d ago - Welcome to part 4 of Investing In Video Games. In parts 1 through 3, we covered the 5 basic inves... | Xbox

Retro Weekend: Aladdin vs. Aladdin

377d ago - This Retro Weekend is all about the battle of the century, Aladdin on Super Nintendo versus Aladd... | Culture

What If Disney Bought Capcom?

433d ago - Joel Taveras, writes "Just last week, Capcom shareholders decided not to renew their takeover def... | Industry

Will We See a Frozen Appearance in Kingdom Hearts 3?

514d ago - Since the original Kingdom Hearts was released in 2002, we’ve seen a returning cast of all the sa... | Industry

Expect More Oculus, GAME_JAM Events and Gaming Mainstream

515d ago - SegmentNext writes: "Yesterday, the news hit of an upcoming Youtube series by Maker Studios that... | Industry

Fortune: Need for Speed puts Aaron Paul in the driver's seat

533d ago - FORTUNE -- Aaron Paul went directly from shooting the much-anticipated finale of Breaking Bad to... | Culture

Mobile Game of the Week: Frozen Free Fall

557d ago - GamerFitnation's Alfredo Lopez showcase this Mobile App Game of the week Frozen Free Fall by Disn... | Mobile

Should Disney Buy Square Enix?

593d ago - John Ferrell of GeeksPodcast examines the pros and cons of Disney acquiring Square Enix and addin... | Industry

Kingdom Hearts III May Not Be What We've Been Waiting For

680d ago - The recently released Kingdom Hearts III trailer brings to light some glaring problems with the f... | PS4

Where’s My Water 2: Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats and Strategies

715d ago - Where’s My Water? 2 is the new free-to-play sequel to the original smash hit physics puzzle game... | iPhone

Classic Disney Games That Need Remakes

737d ago - Ducktales and Castle of Illusion are both getting remakes, but Disney has a gold mine of untapped... | Retro

Pixelitis Picks: Disney games that could use a remaster

745d ago - "So DuckTales Remastered has finally hit the digital space, and we’re sure the many lads and lass... | Retro

Top 5 Disney Games on iPhone

774d ago - Quality Index investigates the very best Disney games on iPhone. | iPhone

Killer Instinct: Season 2 (XB1) Review

Now - Drew finally reviews the complete Season 2 of Killer Instinct. | Promoted post

5 Reasons Why Disney Infinity Will Reinvigorate Your Love for Gaming

775d ago - Disney Infinity is Disney's answer to unoriginal and uninspired gaming. It's set to make you love... | Wii

The Potential of Kingdom Hearts 3 Thanks to Disney's Fat Wallet

808d ago - The purchases of various studios and entertainment houses by Disney over the last few years has w... | PS4

Video Game Technology Influencing Walt Disney Theme Parks

826d ago - Gameskinny - Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, Disneyland and Disney California Adventure theme... | Culture

Star Wars and EA is a Good Thing

836d ago - EA is going to make Star Wars games for the foreseeable future. Read on to find out why it's not... | Industry

New Star Wars videogame - The characters we'd love and hate to see

837d ago - With new Star Wars titles from EA and Disney on the way, PSU looks at which characters are worthy... | Xbox 360
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