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Dishonored and Mainstream: of award shows and Triple-A games

259d ago - At CG's Golden Joystick Awards, we see some nominations that are alarming and thought provoking.... | Industry

The Top 5: Games in the Pile of Shame

273d ago - This week's Top 5 is a little bit different. The members of the Gamer Horizon crew look through t... | PS2

Matter Of Perspective: Dishonored

283d ago - TSA writes: "The city of Dunwall is a cracked jewel in a rusted crown, corrupted by greed, murder... | PC

PC game release list for the week of 10.06.2013

289d ago - The following is a list of PC games released for the week of October 6th, 2013. | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

The ultimate PS3 DLC guide – the best, worst, cheapest, biggest stuff PSN has to offer

302d ago - OPM: There is a lot of expansions, add ons and extras for PS3 games. The PSN Store is packed with... | PS3

Best Role Playing Games for 2013

318d ago - HardwarePal : Role-playing games for the PC have come a long way over the years. Once something o... | PC

The NPC guide to survival: how to live a long & happy life as an unnamed videogame character

324d ago - OPM: The heroes and arch-nemeses might get all the gadgets and sexy love interests, but with thes... | PS4

Admit One (A Small List of Single Player Masterpieces)

336d ago - Every gamer enjoys a good multiplayer experience, and over the last ten years there has a been a... | Industry

Death and Dishonour in Dunwall | Gamereactor UK

346d ago - GR-UK writes: "It's the richness of the world that sets Dishonored apart from other games. Dunwal... | PC

Why Bioshock Infinite should have been more like Dishonored – great design lacking options

351d ago - OPM: The first few hours of Bioshock Infinite are perfect. Beginning with one of this generation’... | PC

The Summer Games Catch-Up

355d ago - As gamers roll on through the typical game drought that is summer, read up on which games the tea... | Xbox 360

Games Like Dishonored

358d ago - Dishonored is an action-adventure game played from a first-person perspective with an emphasis on... | PC

Moneysaver: Rockstar Games, Dishonored, PSN Play, Haswell, Board Games

364d ago - Kotaku - And if the band you're in pays full price too soon, I'll see you on the dark side of the... | Culture

Up Up Down Down: Dishonored

367d ago - GameZone: "Welcome to Up Up Down Down, GameZone's latest original weekly feature. Here we'll be l... | PC

Stealthy Sunday: Hiding in Hi-Def

374d ago - OmniGamer concludes their look back at the stealth genre as this week's Stealthy Sunday recaps th... | PC

Storytelling Killed Level Design in Shooters

380d ago - iLLGaming Staff Writer, A.Patel writes: "There was a point during the Hong Kong section of the... | PC

Daddy Issues: A Look Paternalistic Trends in Games

380d ago - Gameranx: "An in-depth look at the paternalistic issues in games like The Last of Us, BioShock In... | PC

Every Game Would Be Better With Blink From Dishonored

384d ago - Kotaku - The best part of Dishonored—a phenomenal game in just about every way—is the Blink spell... | Culture

What I Want to See in Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches DLC

387d ago - Dishonored: The Brigmore Witches can't come soon enough, but while waiting, here are some of the... | PC

YOU by Austin Grossman - Revengeance of the Nerds

394d ago - The author profiles Austin Grossman's novel YOU, the first great literary treatment of video games. | Culture

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post

The Best Single Player Only Game Of The Generation?

395d ago - OnlySP: We've heard some great things about upcoming multiplayer-less titles like Thief and Wolfe... | Xbox 360

Why Stealth Games Are Awesome

397d ago - I love stealth games, for so many reasons, but I know a lot of people find them... | PC

Dunwall: A fully-realised artistic vision

413d ago - Pete Worth, Thunderbolt writes: Dishonored’s city of Dunwall is one of the most memorable and im... | PC

The Literary References Of Dishonored

416d ago - Dishonored has been continually described as a mixture of different famous tales and artistic dir... | PC

Games That Garnered Too Much Praise This Generation

416d ago - Many games have been released this generation. A number of them were wrongly praised critically a... | PC


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