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Disgaea D2 Trailer Brings Favorites Back for Slam-Dunk

897d ago - Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness shows off a new trailer featuring the traditional off-beat humor. | PS3

Laharl Rides Meteor, Lands With Long Look At Disgaea Dimension 2

1058d ago - This video shows the beginning of Disgaea Dimension 2 so you might want to skip this if you’re co... | PS3

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Prinnies Gather For More Disgaea Dimension 2 Screenshots

1058d ago - Dood?! What happened to Laharl and Etna? In Disgaea Dimension 2: A Brighter Darkness, Laharl turn... | PS3

Disgaea D2 opening

1062d ago - "Today, the opening for Disgaea D2 appeared on the internet. In it you get the good music, fine a... | PS3

Nippon Ichi Summarizes Disgaea 1 Prep Players Ready For Disgaea Dimension 2

1062d ago - Disgaea: Hour of Darkness came out almost a decade ago and if you didn’t pick up any of the ports... | PS3

Disgaea Dimension 2 Video Shows New Tower Attack And Monster Flonne

1076d ago - Nippon Ichi also refined the strategy RPG core in Disgaea Dimension 2. You can visit the Item Sea... | PS3

Disgaea Dimension 2′s Tera Spell Guest Illustrators Revealed

1078d ago - Guest illustrators contributed to Disgaea Dimension 2 and created characters that show up when yo... | PS3

New Disgaea Dimension 2 Trailer And Screenshots Of The Item Sea Sail In

1080d ago - Set after the events of Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, Disgaea Dimension 2 shows what happens after L... | PS3

Disgaea Dimension 2′s New Female Heavy Knight And Water Loving Monster

1098d ago - Being a direct sequel, Disgaea Dimension 2 has a lot of familiar classes like Magic Knight and re... | PS3

Nearly 50 New Screenshots from Disgaea D2

1098d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Nippon Ichi has published nearly fifty new screenshots (and some artwork) for the... | PS3

Slew of New Disgaea D2 Screenshots Show Off Laharl-Chan

1112d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Today brings new screenshots that, while look gorgeous as always, show off quite... | PS3

Disgaea Dimension 2 screenshots

1117d ago - Take a look at a bunch of screenshots from Disgaea Dimension 2. | PS3

Disgaea D2 debut trailer

1139d ago - Following a teaser trailer in October, Nippon Ichi Software has released the debut full-length tr... | PS3

New Screenshots for Disgaea D2

1145d ago - Nippon Ichi has released a new batch of screenshots today, showing off gameplay, cutscenes, and m... | PS3

Disgaea Dimension 2 boxart

1174d ago - Take a look at the official boxart for Disgaea Dimension 2. | PS3

Disgaea D2 First Screenshots

1195d ago - Nippon Ichi Software has released the first screenshots of Disgaea D2.The PlayStation 3 game will... | PS3

Disgaea D2 teaser trailer

1196d ago - Nippon Ichi Software has gone live with the debut teaser trailer for its upcoming PlayStation 3 s... | PS3
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