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Gamers@Play: DIRT Showdown Review

1136d ago - Dirt Showdown is the new racing game from Codemasters, creators of DIRT 3 etc, it carries on the... | PC

DiRT Showdown Review | CCL Online

1166d ago - CCL writes: Would I recommend this game? Yes, but only if there was a sale on Steam for it. | PC

DiRT Showdown review - Team VVV

1198d ago - VVV: "Like the banger racers you’ll wreck in the game, DiRT Showdown is a heavily stripped down v... | PC

DiRT Showdown Review | Worthplaying

1203d ago - Worthplaying: "In DiRT Showdown, players will jump into a new world of competitive and combative... | PS3

Impulse Gamer: DiRT Showdown Review

1208d ago - Impulse Gamer: With their last few racing games, Codemasters have found a happy medium between re... | PC

TechGage: DiRT Showdown Review - Destruction Derby Meets DiRT

1211d ago - TechGage: Take all you know about the DiRT series and throw it out the window, because Showdown i... | PC

GG: DiRT: Showdown Review

1212d ago - GG: Much fuss was made about DiRT: Showdown. So much that when it finally landed in our laps for... | PC

ACE: DiRT Showdown Hoonigan Exclusive Edition Review

1219d ago - ACE: From its beginnings as a pure rally car simulation in Colin McRae Rally, after the untimely... | PC

Review: Dirt Showdown [Gamertag Radio]

1220d ago - Gamertag Radio writes: "Dirt Showdown is a bit like the upcoming Forza Horizon game. A game franc... | PC

GamingAge: DiRT Showdown Review

1225d ago - GamingAge: DiRT Showdown feels a bit more like a stop-gap in Codemasters racing franchise than an... | PC

Thunderbolt: Dirt Showdown Review

1227d ago - Thunderbolt: Dirt Showdown is one more entry in what is shaping up to be an evolutionary year for... | PC

(PSU.com) DiRT Showdown Review

1227d ago - PSU.com writes: "Shortcomings aside, Codemasters has delivered a very fast paced, slickly pres... | Xbox 360

Digital Chumps - DiRT Showdown Review

1228d ago - Digital Chumps - Racing games are almost always simulation or arcade. The sim crowd includes your... | PC

DiRT Showdown Review | GameDynamo

1230d ago - GameDynamo - "DiRT Showdown takes the gameplay of the DiRT series, which itself was based on Code... | PC

GameStyle - DiRT Showdown review

1238d ago - GameStyle - The DiRT series has divided fans of the original Colin McRae games right down the mid... | PC

Guardian - DiRT Showdown review

1238d ago - Guardian - Arcade-style racing games, although perennially popular, have been surprisingly thin o... | PC

Diehard GameFAN: DiRT Showdown Review

1239d ago - DHGF: A couple of years ago Codemasters released a game called GRID, a racing game that covered a... | Xbox 360

Blast Magazine: DiRT Showdown review: smashy smashy

1241d ago - Blast Magazine: Everyone has that one friend that constantly tells you all about this new thing t... | PC

Dirt: Showdown Review | GamerSciz

1242d ago - The Dirt series has help redefined Rally racing. Up until recently it was mostly dirt and snow re... | PC

Dirt: Showdown | 411mania Review

1246d ago - Does this arcade inspired spin off of the popular DiRT series race to the finish line? Or does it... | Xbox 360

Mad Max (PS4) Review

Now - Justin checks out Avalanche Studios latest creation. | Promoted post

RipTen Review: Dirt Showdown (PS3)

1247d ago - Chris Young writes, It is safe to say that Codemasters has virtual rally racing down to a science... | Xbox 360

DiRT Showdown Review | Esperino

1247d ago - Throw the long-running DiRT franchise into a collision course with the likes of Destruction Derby... | Xbox 360

Vagary.tv Review: DiRT Showdown

1247d ago - Don Parsons reviews the latest entry in the DiRT series, DiRT Showdown. | PC

Review: DiRT Showdown | eGamer

1248d ago - DiRT Showdown isa departure from the series' MO of rally simulation with the focus on arcade-sty... | PC

GamerNode | DiRT Showdown Review

1251d ago - GamerNode contributor Aled Morgan writes: "If DiRT Showdown is about anything, it’s about connect... | PC
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DiRT Showdown

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