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6 Best Games of the Year...1982

116d ago - Invisible Gamer counts down the six best games of the year...1982. | Retro

Landfill Search For 'E.T.' Video Game is Halted

277d ago - New Mexico environmental regulators are blocking two companies from digging up an Alamogordo lan... | Culture

Making a Dig-Dug movie

401d ago - WASDuk's presents their latest "how to make a movie" feature,. This week? Dig-Dug, starring Vin... | Culture

Remake It So: Dig Dug – The First Person Survival Horror Game

602d ago - Justin Lacey pitches a new direction for Dig Dug, including panic attacks, cave-ins, exploding en... | Culture

Grand Theft Auto V (XB1) Review

Now - Ken returns to Los Santos and gets lost in its world again. | Promoted post

Nintendo Euro eShop Fires Emblems, Acorns And Legions

618d ago - Gamesta.com gets this week's eShop downloads for Europe. Aside from the highly anticipated Fire E... | Nintendo DS

Nintendo Life: Dig Dug Review

674d ago - Nintendo Life: In 1982, Namco released Dig Dug. By that point in time the company had already cem... | 3DS

ShiftyLook Announces New Dig Dug Comic Series

960d ago - Ian Fisher writes: Earlier this year Namco launched a new division dubbed ShiftyLook, which in a... | Culture

This mini-golf course is a tour of gaming history

1045d ago - Bitmob Intern Evan Killham happens upon a mini-golf course in Nebraska where each hole features a... | Culture

Platformcraft - a freeware 2D mining game

1285d ago - An attempt to distil some gameplay elements from Minecraft into a 2D game, with gameplay elements... | PC

AE Review - Uniqlo Video Game T-Shirts

2012d ago - Between March and June of this year, Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo released a series of video... | 11

Bargain Gaming: $3 Xbox Live Arcade Games!

2048d ago - Binge Gamer writes: So yeah, the cost of Xbox Live Arcade games seems to have settled at a sad $1... | 2

Eurogamer: WiiWare and Virtual Console Roundup Reviews

2304d ago - Eurogamer writes: "It's always nice to be surprised (unless the surprise involves a clown sh... | 3

IGN: Dig Dug Review

2386d ago - If you're absolutely addicted to Dig Dug, you'll certainly be able to get your fix with a six dol... | 3

WiiWare and Virtual Console Monday Releases For Wii (6/9/08, US)

2390d ago - Today's WiiWare and Virtual Console releases have been announced by Nintendo. WiiWare game:... | 3

Limited Time Half Price Arcade Titles on Xbox LIVE Arcade this Weekend

2674d ago - Score a touchdown this week or compete in the match of the millennium – "Cyberball 2072&quot... | 2

The classic arcade action title Dig Dug is now available.

2998d ago - The classic arcade action title Dig Dug is now available for play on your Xbox 360 through Xbox Live | 2

On XBLA Wednesday: Dig Dug

3019d ago - According to a game detail page on xbox.com, Dig Dug is the XBLA game to be released this Wednesd... | 2
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