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Drool, You Will - Hands-Off Star Wars Battlefront Preview | AusGamers

15d ago - AusGamers was in attendance at Star Wars Celebration and previewed Star Wars Battlefront writing:... | PC

Gamertalk.tv: E3 2012: Exclusive Hands on with Battlefield 3 Armored Kill Expansion

1058d ago - It’s day 2 of E3 and GamerTalk has been on the hunt for juicy pieces of exclusive info on this ye... | PC

Study Game Design at DeVry

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Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Walkthrough | GameGuideDog

1062d ago - The Battlefield 3 Close Quarters Walkthrough guides you for the latest release from Electronic Ar... | PC

Battlefield 3 Map Details Showcase Night Battles, Base-Jumping

1296d ago - DICE gave Piki Geek a look at two upcoming maps in the beta – Metro and Caspian Border – but plan... | PC

SPOnG Preview - Battlefield 3: The Single Player

1304d ago - SPOnG: "Battlefield 3 is just around the corner, and DICE is certainly making sure that you know... | PC

GamerGaia: Battlefield 3 Preview

1305d ago - GamerGaia's Ryan Davies takes a fully blown look at DICE's upcoming super shooter. Details on sto... | PC

Battlefield 3 - Frostbite 2 Engine Preview | The Controller Online

1308d ago - The Controller Online writes: "Electronic Arts and Dice Entertainment will release their highly a... | Xbox 360

Toms Hardware: Battlefield 3 Beta and Battlelog: First Impressions

1310d ago - One of the biggest PC releases of the year is finally in beta. Is Battlefield 3 living up to all... | PC

[Complex Mag] Preview: Three Mouthwatering Reasons To Make You Want "Battlefield 3" Even More

1312d ago - There are more than just several hundred shooters out there for you to choose from. But why is Ba... | PC

PSNow! - Battlefield 3 Beta Preview & Gameplay

1313d ago - A preview and six minutes of gameplay of Battlefield 3 Beta on PS3. | Xbox 360

GamePron hands-on preview: Battlefield 3 [PC/PS3]

1320d ago - GamePron: I’ve now had the opportunity to play both the PC and PS3 versions of the game. Multipla... | PC

Button Combo: Battlefield 3 Preview

1323d ago - Button Combo writes: "Battlefield 3 is set for an October 25th release on PC, Xbox 360 and PlaySt... | PC

Head To Head: Battlefield 3 Vs Modern Warfare 3 [eGamer]

1327d ago - In this head-to-head feature, Caveshen (in standard font) and Duncan (in not-so-standard font) —... | PC

Preview: Battlefield 3 [eGamer]

1329d ago - Battlefield 3, the latest shooter from Electronic Arts and DICE will throw different levels of sh... | PC

Battlefield 3: A closer look, new screens

1485d ago - EA is putting a lot of faith in DICE’s latest first person shooter, Battlefield 3, and given what... | Xbox 360

Pwngamer.com: Battlefield 3 – Fault Line Preview

1522d ago - Pwngamer.com says: Last night while most of us in the AsiaPacific timezone were sleeping, EA and... | PC

GDC 2011: Battlefield 3 Preview

1522d ago - Electronic Arts lifted the veil on the next game in the Battlefield series tonight in San Francis... | PC

DualShockers GDC11: An In-Depth Look at Battlefield 3

1523d ago - "Tonight the fine folks at EA threw a pretty huge shindig for the unveiling of the next chapter i... | PC

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Vietnam hands-on preview - PS3 Attitude

1625d ago - PS3 Attitude writes: "The team wanted to capture the 60s ‘nam aura that’s proved so successful fo... | PC

Medal of Honor Not Just A Poor Man's Modern Warfare/Bad Company

1737d ago - To some extent, Medal of Honor suffers from its position in the middle - not quite as smooth cont... | PC

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Medal of Honor BETA impressions- Xbox 360

1739d ago - I was recently sent a code from EA to play in the Medal of Honor beta. I decided to go with the X... | Xbox 360

First Impressions: Medal of Honor Multiplayer Beta

1742d ago - It has been about 3 years since the Medal of Honor franchise has been touched. The last game prod... | PC

4News.it: Impressions of the Medal of Honor beta multiplayer

1747d ago - 4News.it: This test about multiplayer compartment of 'Medal of Honor' ultimately leaves a good fe... | PC

UGDB.com: Medal of Honor Multiplayer and Singleplayer Preview Reveals Many New Game Facts

1782d ago - The Medal of Honor series is one of the most well known franchises in video gaming. This franchis... | PC

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Onslaught Hands-On

1794d ago - Andy Alderson of IncGamers takes time out to tell you what to expect from the latest map pack... | Xbox 360
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