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DICE employee explains why BF4 is "buggy"

254d ago - Many gamers have been experiencing issues with Battlefield 4, the title was highly anticipated by... | PC

17th Battlefield 4 Update - DICE Addresses Flickering On Multi GPU Systems

255d ago - HardwarePal : There you go, the 17th Battlefield 4 patch update in less than 45 days since launch... | PC

DICE Addresses PC ‘Kill Trading’ Issue in Battlefield 4

257d ago - According to a recent post from Battlefield 4 developers, DICE, they’re finally releasing a new u... | PC

New Battlefield 4 Update…Again

258d ago - Aggressive Gaming Are you among the millions of gamers having difficulties with Battlefield 4?... | PC

Need Cash? (US Only)

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Battlefield 4: Former DICE dev claims game's problems are "higher than devs"

258d ago - Problems with Battlefield 4's performance lie in a position higher than that of the developer DIC... | PC

Dice Release 16th Battlefield 4 Patch

258d ago - HardwarePal : After all the patches, PC users are still waiting for Dice to fix all the issues in... | PC

DICE and EA Release the 15th Update For Battlefield 4

265d ago - HardwarePal : When you see the release of the 15th patch for a game in one month, even if you hav... | PC

Analysts Say EA's Stock Agony Continues Due to Battlefield 4 Glitches

266d ago - HardwarePal : Recently we conducted investigations were we concluded that EA’s stocks are droppin... | PC

DICE is Now Sponsoring Actual Demolitions, Promoting Levolution

268d ago - In a world where typical advertising methods have become mundane, companies have been seeking new... | Culture

Battlefield 4 “one-hit kill” update for PS4 now out and explained by DICE

269d ago - Battlefield 4 “one-hit kill” update for PS4 now out and explained by DICE | PS4

EA Won't Work On New Battlefield 4 DLC Until Flawed Game Is Fixed

269d ago - Kotaku: "EA and DICE have stopped development of further Battlefield 4 expansions until the game... | PC

Next-gen Battlefield 4 Review: The multiplayer shooter to beat | Doublejump

269d ago - Battlefield 4 is a stellar multiplayer package that features genuinely beneficial changes from it... | PC

DICE: Having Battlefield 4 At 60FPS On Next-Gen Mattered More Than 1080P

270d ago - Johan Andersson, Rendering Architect @ DICE, explains why the team chose 60 FPS over FullHD resol... | PC

Battlefield 4 Patch Coming Out December 3rd For All Platforms

271d ago - HardwarePal : As expected DICE is releasing a patch for Battlefield 4 on the same day when the ne... | PC

DICE CEO Suggests Real-Time Weather Could Come To Battlefield

272d ago - DICE CEO Patrick Soderlund talks about the possible implementation of dynamic weather based on re... | PC

Battlefield 4 Second Assault wallpapers

281d ago - DICE has released brand new Battlefield 4 Second Assault wallpapers. | PC

DICE: Battlefield 4 utilizes 90-95% of CPU on next-gen consoles

282d ago - During a recent Q&A session with developers on AMD Mantle, Technical Director on Frostbite Johan... | PS4

Battlefield 4: DICE has”identified and eliminated” most common crash issues for PS4

282d ago - Battlefield 4: DICE has”identified and eliminated” most common crash issues for PS4, game update... | PS4

Battlefield 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Gameplay Interview

282d ago - DICE developer Thomas Andersson talks Battlefield 4 multiplayer on Xbox One in this exclusive int... | Xbox One

Battlefield 4 has “one-hit kill” bug, DICE working to fix it along with sound issues

282d ago - DICE looking to fix various issues with Battlefield 4. New one-hit kill bug plaguing games. They'... | PC

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Battlefield 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Strategies From DICE - Part 2

290d ago - DICE Multiplayer Lead Thomas Andersson offers some strategies on how to win at Battlefield 4 in t... | Xbox One

Pixel Apocalypse Podcast: Episode 108 “We Need More P”

290d ago - From Pixel Apocalypse... "On this episode of the Pixel Apocalypse Podcast, Nathan Schmidt blam... | PC

DICE: Mantle and PlayStation 4 Will Drive Frostbite Development Going Forward

291d ago - Johan Anderson, Technical Director on Frostbite Engine at DICE, in a presentation at AMD's Develo... | PS4

Battlefield 4 Xbox One Multiplayer Preview

291d ago - DICE developer Thomas Andersson breaks down the multiplayer experience in Battlefield 4 on Xbox... | Xbox One

AMD's Mantle Does NOT Require GPUs With GCN Architecture

291d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Okay, I'm pretty sure that both AMD and DICE have been misleading people on pu... | PC