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Diablo III

- Xbox 360

When someone familiar with videogames mentions the word ‘blizzard’, chances are the first thing that comes into their head will be the purveyors of PC games who go by the same name, rather than the fearsomely cold weather inclement. Famous for their titles such as the hugely popular StarCraft and World of Warcraft games, Blizzard Entertainment have at long last decided to cut their teeth on...



Diablo III

- PS3

Who didn't grow up with Diablo games? I remember playing Diablo 2 when I was young and naive who couldn't beat the first boss of the game because I was ignorant about how action RPGs like Diablo games were played. That's why I didn't continue playing the game and continue on with other games to enjoy with without dying a lot frustratingly. Diablo series was famous for being one of the first...



Diablo III

- PC

Diablo 3 launched on PC in May of 2012 after many years of development and waiting. Amidst the buzz and excitement, though, was frustration and dissapointment. Errors at launch, a real money auction house and always online DRM were the main issues fans had, and they hindered many players enjoyment of the game. While the errors have long since been sorted out, most of the games flaws still remai...

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Diablo III

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